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Last night, Ryan Lubke and I gave a BOF on creating components with JSF 2. If you've been reading my blogs, none of this will be especially new, but I did think that you might appreciate the slides, which I've now uploaded and are available in OpenOffice 3 and PDF versions. The OpenOffice version has the slide notes, which you might find helpful. Still missing is the code that Ryan did last...
on Jun 4, 2009
I'm not sure how I got this job, but apparently I'm supposed to find all the JavaOne parties. This year was harder, and it seems there will be very few opportunities to cage free drinks from eager PR people. Oh well, I intended to go to a lot of BOFs anyway. So, here's the skinny on parties, feel free to add any I don't know about in the comments section, below: Sunday As part of the...
on May 29, 2009
I help organize the JavaOne conference, working with a team of about a dozen people to review talks for the Next Generation Web track - which covers Web 2.0 stuff, cloud computing, JavaScript on the web client, Comet, REST, that sort of thing. You know, all the really good stuff that you want to see. Every year, we have a problem - too many good talks in some areas, not enough good talks in...
on Dec 4, 2008
It's that time again... JavaOne time. What? Barely over the parties from last year? That's ok - it's in May. But meetings are starting to determine the content for May, and I thought I'd write a quick blog to ask - what do *you* want to see at JavaOne in May? I'm working on web track (again), so web related suggestions are especially appreciated. My current thought - we're going to have...
on Sep 1, 2006
Like all of Sun US, I was off last week, so I apologize if this was already mentioned (and I missed it), but the JavaOne Tech Sessions for 2006 are now online. Enjoy.
on Jul 10, 2006
So, as I've mentioned too often, I'm on the Program Committee for JavaOne. One thing we'll do is have a Lessons Learned meeting, and I want to be ready - so I thought I'd throw out my ideas for what worked and what didn't, and ask for a little help in working on my list. Here's your chance to kvetch with me! First, what worked: I thought the talks pretty much rocked. Now, prehaps I'm a...
on May 19, 2006
In a previous post, I talked about how the people who run the conference were planning on having a new way to schedule and attend talks at JavaOne this year. Well, first day is mostly done, and I think we've gotten a pretty good idea of how it's working. My evaluation is "could be better". I've yet to see the first 3 slides of ANY talk that I've attended - and I was registered for all...
on May 16, 2006
One nice thing about being around this stuff forever: You end up on all the interesting committees. I'm on the JavaOne Program Committee, which helps decide the content at JavaOne. Every year at JavaOne, we have the same problems - some talks are in big rooms, and you can hear the crickets chirp. Others are in medium (600 capacity) rooms, and there are people sitting on the floor - or worse,...
on May 5, 2006
In addition to working on Project GlassFish, as a manager at Sun I get assigned all kinds of fun projects. For the first time ever this year, I was involved in planning the Web and XML track at JavaOne. Wow, that was fun - we had so many good submissions this year, it was hard to choose, but fun too. One part wasn't fun - scheduling. Not the part you're probably thinking of - the timing of the...
on Jun 29, 2005
Despite a last minute change of time, and a change of room, we packed the room to discuss Project GlassFish last night... I presented a brief overview of our project, along with Carla Mott and Amy Roh. We intend to make our slides available from the GlassFish site after the conference. After the presentation, we had about a 30 minutes for discussion. And what a discussion - the attendees...
on Jun 28, 2005
The CDDL License has been talked about quite a bit since Sun submitted it to the OSI (the independant body that validates Open Source licenses). At it's heart, it's basicly just the Mozilla Public license (in use for things like Firefox), with some bugfixes. For a really good description of the process Sun used in coming up with the CDDL for OpenSolaris, check out Claire Giordano's Blog on CDDL...
on Jun 28, 2005
One of the hardest parts of my job at Sun is keeping secrets. Especially when folks start critiquing you. It is quite exciting though, once the secret's out. At JavaOne this morning, Sun's Jonathan Schwartz announced that Sun was Open Sourcing our App Server PE, under the project GlassFish. I'm the manager of that effort, and I'd like to tell you a little about it. First: yes, it's really...
on Jun 27, 2005