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What do the following things have in common ? Demos getting loaded on the machines Scripts getting timed Sessions getting rehearsed and re-rehearsed Banners are getting hanged Excitement building up amongst developers San Francisco bracing for an ocean of developers - not just Java this time This is JavaOne guys! At Sun, all this, and much more, is happening for the past few weeks. We are...
on May 5, 2007
Here is a list of JavaOne sessions that I plan to attend next week. With our colleagues coming from all over the world, this plan will evolve. And then I might meet some of you as well. This list ensures that I'm registered for the session and secondly don't miss out on the regular ones :) You can create your own schedule here. And leave a comment on the blog if I've missed any interesting ones....
on May 2, 2007
JavaOne 2007 is 18 days away and fever is building. Here is what's new at the conference this year ... CommunityOne (Monday, May7th) is a free, one-day event for open source and web developers that delivers technical information on free and open source projects including, NetBeans, OpenSolaris, GlassFish, OpenJDK and the Mobile & Embedded Community. You can find more details about...
on Apr 19, 2007
JavaOne 2007 complete session schedule is now available.  As I mentioned earlier, this is going to be lots of fun. If you are interested in hearing about Sun's Web services strategy, here is a compilation of all the related sessions: Session# Title TS 4865 Takes two to Tango: Java Web Services and .NET Interoperability TS 4948 Unleashing the Power of JAX-WS RI: Spring...
on Mar 9, 2007
Reminds me of "To Infinity and Beyond" by the famous Disney character Buzz Lightyear. A brief description of Buzz Lightyear is: "He's the ultimate good cop. Buzz proudly fights for all that is good and pure in the universe. His toughest fight is against the greatest threat ever known to the Galactic Alliance...the most nefarious force of evil in the universe...the diabolical fiend...
on Dec 11, 2006
A new sample is added to WSIT samples that shows an enterprise Web service enabling integration both within and across boundaries. This sample demonstrates a price quotation service that provides list price to clients based on the product identifiers. The client makes a request to a Retail Quote Service (RQS)  which then communicates with multiple Wholesale Quote Service (WQS) to get the...
on Aug 7, 2006
View Sun and Microsoft on Project Tango at Sun Developer Network Channel (SDN). SDN caught me and Kirill at the Microsoft pod in the JavaOne 2006 pavilion and talked to us about Project Tango and how developers can have access to this content. If interested in the content, you can view the video cast from 28:35 through 31:09. Technorati: Javaone WSIT Tango Microsoft Web Services...
on May 31, 2006
Read a brief summary of my talk (TS-5540, Making Java
on May 30, 2006
I posted the list of sessions and labs as part of Project Tango in JavaOne 2006 earlier.  It indeed got a lot of attention during JavaOne this year (see further down). I posted a collection of articles talking about Sun and Microsoft Web services interoperability effort earlier. Here is another article published on ZDNet Japan covering Project Tango and how it has fully embraced the keywords...
on May 30, 2006
StarOffice and PDF versions of my J1 session (TS-5540, Making Java
on May 23, 2006
I attended Microsoft JavaOne party Wednesday night. It was great to meet their developer evangelists (Jas, Nima and Woody to name a few). I specifically spent some time with Mohammed Akif who is a member of Microsoft Architecture Editorial Board. He is an ex-Sun employee and used to be a Senior Java architect and co-authored several Java books before joining Microsoft. I recommend reading his...
on May 18, 2006
We, at Sun Microsystems, have been working with Microsoft for past several months on achieving interoperability between Java EE and .NET technologies. Web Services Interoperability Technology (WSIT, a.k.a Project Tango) is Sun's Web services interoperability portal and provides all information on that effort. Earlier yesterday, we gave a demonstration of our work so far in JavaOne 2006 keynote....
on May 17, 2006
JavaOne is 6 weeks away and I can see the momentum building up within Sun for the slideware, demoware, machines etc. As it gets closer, everything starts revolving around JavaOne. I've been involved with Project Tango since it's inception and here is the list of related technical sessions and BoFs that will be presented: Session # Title Speakers Location TS - 5540 Making Java
on Mar 31, 2006
JavaOne is over and I'm back after our July shutdown. Although no vacation is long enough, but it's nice to be back. It was great to meet (for the first time) in person Andrew Layman, Simon Guest, Doug Purdy (all from Microsoft), Greg Pavlik (Oracle), Sanjay Patil (SAP), Rags (Sun) among others at JavaOne. Here are the slides that I presented at JavaOne: BOF-9061: Java APIs for XML Web...
on Jul 11, 2005
174 Technical Sessions 158 Birds-Of-Feather 44 Hands-on Labs 8000-10000 people in the room 2000 in the overflow room 250,000 on the web Moscone Center, Jun 27th, 2005, 9:00am As always, John Gage (Sun's Chief Researcher and Science Office Director) started out with statistics and always a pleasure to hear him. Well, the last one is mine :) Here is a front-page article about the various...
on Jun 28, 2005
JavaOne is Jun 27 - 30. Wow, that's next week and just few more hours before the show begins. I'll let John Gage keep track of the exact number of hours and provide interesting statistics to wake up the crowd at 8:30am in the morning. A quick preview of the conference is available here. Tracks have been reorganized to better align with developer needs. For instance, Tools is an altogether...
on Jun 22, 2005
More details about Microsoft participation in JavaOne 2005 are now available. There is a full track dedicated to "Interoperability (Java and .NET)". To view the list of sessions, just select the track name. Currently there are 6 sessions and 2 BoFs in this track and The ServerSide post talks about some of them. I'm a co-speaker with Sameer Tyagi on BOF 9911: Practical Interoperability Between J2EE
on May 25, 2005
Here is what Scott McNealy said in a announcement on new identity specifications with Microsoft yesterday ... -- quote -- McNealy noted that Microsoft will now be a sponsor of Sun's JavaOne conference this year. ``Who would have thought that Microsoft would be a sponsor of our JavaOne conference?'' he said. -- quote -- Check out the complete article in 5/14's Mercury News. Here is a quote from...
on May 14, 2005