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One of the most exciting things at the show this year is that my company, Krugle, announced the beta of an enterprise search appliance for development teams. After all the months of labor, I can finally share our little bundle of joy with the world. :-) In my experience, one of the biggest problems that enterprise developers face every day is finding useful information across the bazillion...
on May 9, 2007
Keaton is a new project for integrating Apple's QTKit with Java. I.e., make it possible for Java developers to leverage the latest Quicktime support (since Apple seems to have abandoned Quicktime for Java) to be able to do cool media applications. The project is looking for developers to join up and help out. The presentation was given by's own Chief Chief, Chris Adamson. I...
on May 9, 2007
Sun is, as everybody knows, struggling to get mindshare around their products. This is especially true as they try to get uptake as they open source more of their stuff -- such as Solaris. Hiring Ian Murdock of Debian fame is a pretty good idea to me. One of the biggest hurdles to (Open) Solaris uptake is the fact that so many things in dealing with Solaris are so annoyingly odd to all the...
on May 8, 2007
Is this really JavaOne? Walking around downtown San Francisco in May wearing a t-shirt and shorts and not freezing to death? Record setting heat must be boiling my brain! I spent most of Monday at the Startup Camp 2 festivities over at the old Argent Hotel. Startup Camp is an open space unconference hosted by Sun and run by the nice folks over at Mass Events Labs. If you've never participated...
on May 8, 2007
Well, as I mentioned before, there's some weird scheduling going on. I got up this morning expecting to go to a couple of performance talks but both of them overflowed in a big way. What a waste! Once again I'll suggest that Sun should make these sessions available online for free.
on Jun 12, 2003
This article talks about the upcoming demonstration of Project Rave from Sun. Basically, Rave is a new, integrated development tool for Java built on top of NetBeans. Though, at this point, I've gotta say that it's going to have to be truly stellar to deserve more than a yawn from hard-core developers.
on Jun 9, 2003