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In his book A Different Universe, Robert B. Laughlin writes, "In the world of computers one begins to confuse play with work, work with play, and business activity with fundamental meaning." Visiting the Jeckyll and Hyde city (as Timothy so aptly describes San Francisco) has always provided a measure of insight for me ... I am a graduate of USF, a great school. I have attended most of the...
on Jun 30, 2005
I admit it: I really like Jini. I have had a strong Jini bias since first learning about it, which was, to my reckoning, right before it was officially released in 1999. The first record I have that mentions Jini is dated mid-January of that year – a few weeks before the actual release of the first official download of the Jini protocols. I remember, when I first understood what it was about...
on Jun 29, 2005
Yesterday I reported that there seemed to be more attendees this year ... which does still seem to be the case today. But I'm hedging now, because there was no official announcement (at least none that I heard) regarding attendance, which is rather unusual for a JavaOne, in my experience. Usually some announcement is made in terms of attendance. Not so this year. Interesting ... The...
on Jun 28, 2005
The Age of Participation. That's was the focus of the Jonathan Schwartz keynote this morning. The Age of Participation ... presumably not named for the book by the same name, published in 1995. Is it a coincidence that the title of a decade old book emerged as the theme for the 10 year anniversary of Java? Hmmmm. Okay. So it's a new age. I didn't know. I guess I was supposed to be...
on Jun 27, 2005
I generally tend to wake early on travel days with the nagging thought that I need to repack my bags, even though I pretty well packed everything the night before. Yesterday morning was no exception. My alarm was set for 6:30, but it didn't get the chance to go off. Habitually, I unpacked my suitcase, surveyed everything I'd accomplished Saturday night, and repacked again from scratch, and in...
on Jun 27, 2005
Arun Gupta's Blog a few days back referenced joint Sun/Microsoft sessions at JavaOne. Clearly, interoperability between Java and .NET is of some interest to developers of all persuasions. But as a veteran of the first J2EE vs. .NET Smackdown in Tulsa (April, 2002), I must admit that the thought of an entire track at JavaOne, fully supported by both Sun and the Redmond Giant, is sometimes a...
on Jun 15, 2005