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Dion Almaer and I were given the opportunity to deliver a talk on Ajax at JavaOne earlier this year. The session went pretty well, and I found myself giving a repeat on the last day of JavaOne that also went pretty well. Many thanks to those of you that attended and especially to those of you that gave us feedback both in person after the talks or via the eval forms. One of the things a lot of...
on Sep 25, 2006
One of the things I enjoy about fatherhood is being, for however brief a period, somewhat of an authority on life. Well, thanks to Duke, the appearance of parental infallibility has come to an early end. Ever since JavaOne 2006 (where I got this nice green shirt), I've had to deal with all kinds of questions from my four and two year old daughters: Girls: "Daddy, what's that on your shirt?" Me...
on Aug 30, 2006
And so, after months of dormancy, I resurrect this blog (and my personal blog, "Married... with children", too -- this entry is cross-posted there.) Why did it die? Pragmatic Ajax. I can assure you, all of us involved in authoring that little piece of sh^H^H, err, high-quality-Ajax-reference-material-available-soon-at-a-bookstore-near-you (did I just make a ^H joke?) have made blood oaths to talk...
on Feb 4, 2006
(Cross-posted on Married... with children) There are two experiences in my life that caused me such embarassment that though years have passed, when I reflect back upon them for more than a few seconds, I find myself subconciously curling up into the fetal position with a pained expression burned into my face. These are not those experiences. But, they are experiences that were embarassing at the...
on Nov 19, 2005