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The JavaOne team finally took to heart the attendee feedback for "more community involvement" in content selection. After whipping up a "friendly and collaborative" legal agreement, we enlisted the expertise of these folks to review, comment and selection of technical session and birds-of-a-feather. I've also identified the track that they were involved in reviewing: Andre Charland: Nitobi...
on Feb 9, 2007
The 2006 JavaOne Conference was my very first one. I joined the team just prior to the launch of the Call for Papers, in early November. I was warned to "hold on". I had no idea what to expect, it was a pulse racing couple of days. And this year is shaping up in very much the same way, it's JavaOne Conference Call for Papers, The Sequel! I just checked our database and at 6pm on 12/13 I...
on Dec 13, 2006
It's official, the 2007 JavaOne Call for Papers is open. Now is your chance to submit a proposal for a technical session or birds-of-a-feather. Be sure to read the information on the new areas we will be including, under the Topics tag at the top of the call for papers site. The deadline for submitting a paper is December 15, 2006. While submissions come in over the course of the next two...
on Dec 1, 2006
A quick recap: 2006 JavaOne: Over 15,000 attendees, nearly 400 technical sessions, BOFs and Hands On Labs. Multimedia versions of all technical sessions can be found on Sun's Software Developer Network (SDN) website, best accessed from the 2006 JavaOne Conference homepage. And data. Lots of it. Over 36,000 individual session surveys were submitted. Over 35% of the attendees submitted a post...
on Oct 18, 2006
On Friday, January 20, I made a few Java developers very, very happy people. The Program Committee finalized their selections for the Technical Sessions for this year's JavaOne. We accepted 145 sessions (so far.) Additionally, 35 sessions were selected as alternates. I ended my week by sending out email notifications to those speakers, telling them the good news and setting in motion a...
on Jan 23, 2006
It isn't holiday excitement that I am experiencing right now, but the thrill of having nearly 1400 papers to review for the 2006 JavaOne Conference. You've heard of the "hockey stick" effect - the steep upturn in revenue or sales as a fiscal period nears a close? I've never witnessed anything quite like this. The Call for Papers opened on November 1, 2005. The deadline was November 30, 2005: one...
on Dec 7, 2005