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The title of this blog entry was dreamed up independently and before I read Dion's blog entry "The Network Is The Conference". I agree completely with Dion's entry, yet add that it really is bigger than simply the JavaOne conference. In fact, had we all gotten together in the same time-space without JavaOne going on, many of us might not have even noticed a difference. I am, however, very...
on Jul 3, 2004
Monday Immediately after arriving to my hotel, I was wisked away to the top-secret war room where many of us set up the first pieces of Javapedia. In the evening I had dinner with the jGuru folks, including Tom Burns, John Mitchell, Alex Chaffee, and Ian Mcfarland (along with some others, please forgive me for leaving you out - let me know who I missed). My friends Jonathan Simon...
on Jun 24, 2003
Scott McNealy suggested, in his keynote this morning, that we replace the word "java" with "sex". What a great thing! Here are some links to get you started: I won't even begin to try all the various fun permutations that can be had with this one, but I'm sure the comments section will be quite interesting!
on Jun 13, 2003
Follow up to the scripting languages JSR-223... I must emphasize my dissatisfaction with the web-only nature of the scripting language support initiative. One of the biggest issues I have with JSP is that it is intimately tied to the HTTP request and response. Velocity comes to the rescue (and I'm sure there are other alternatives - please add them to the comments below). Once upon a time the...
on Jun 12, 2003
I went to Joshua Bloch's and Neal Gafter's More Programming Puzzlers session. It was fantastic! I won't embarrass myself with how many of the ten puzzlers I got wrong. One piece of advice Bloch gave was to "copy-and-paste" declarations to avoid issues with mis-overridden methods like this:     public class Name {        public boolean equals(...
on Jun 11, 2003