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Extreme Programming

I left Agile 2005 with that same excited feeling I got from Xp Universes and 16 bucks down... Openspace is brilliant! Yet another example of people over process, you can sit down with 12 folks (including Kent Beck), with the conference sold out. I enjoyed the keynote too, and having heard them speak before, expected it to be top notch. My favorite talk had to be Tim Lister's "More Things...
on Aug 3, 2005
So you think you got some Sustainable Pace, and you want to sharpen your axe, so what pops into your head? Fartlek! Alright, well pick your target - not a something huge like doubling the number of stories done. Small activities like integrating, deploying, writing one test would be good places to start. Maintain your form - you know that if your doing XP you're TDDing, PPing, attending...
on Dec 11, 2004
In my last entry, Fartlek - Increasing your Sustainable Pace, I introduced fartleking as a metaphor to increase sustainable pace. I then went on to talk about some of the horrid things we let business do to us in the name of going faster and ended with a personal, touching story to illustrate the importance of Sustainable Pace. John D. Mitchell took issue with my metaphor, in Rhythms in...
on Dec 9, 2004
Those I have coached know when it comes to development I thump the TDD bible, but when it comes to business I preach Sustainable Pace. Business always seems to be interested in increasing the pace and it isn't that hard (to describe). Fartleks a.k.a. "speed-play" is the answer. When fartleking you increase from your long slow pace to a short (the end is in sight) burst of speed, once you...
on Dec 5, 2004
During the chaos of process change, Xp is a lightning rod. Everything wrong is because of Xp and once the dust has settled, everything right is because of Xp. Like most false dichotomies the truth lies some place beyond. People who actually get to "do Xp" often see ways they can apply the four values to other parts of their jobs, and in some cases their lives. That is what I saw while...
on Apr 15, 2004
The Xp Agile Universe 2004 Call for Contributions reminds me of Xp Universe 2003. During one of the lunches, Microsoft mentioned they had 8K developers for 50M lines of code (LOC) for Windows (6250 lines/man). Brad Jensen, from Sabre's product group, told the table he had 250 developers for 14MLOC (56000 lines/man). Someone else was quick to point out "THATS NOT 10 TIMES!" I also jotted...
on Dec 5, 2003