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Java DB (or Derby, or Cloudscape if you prefer) 10.2 beta is available for download at There has not been a feature release since august 2005, so this should be what Java DB/Derby users are waiting for. New features include: Scrollable Updatable Result Sets JDBC4 Grant/Revoke Online Backup Stronger Network Authentication More information at...
on Aug 12, 2006
Today at ApacheCon in San Diego, Sun's Tim Bray said that Apache Derby will be distributed by Sun as the open Java DB. Java DB (or Derby) will appear in several Sun products and NetBeans IDE 5.0 will have a Derby (or Java DB) plugin. So, now we're going to have IBM's Cloudscape vs. Sun's Java DB vs. Apache Derby. Confusing? Chaotic? Not really. The three are really the same piece of software....
on Dec 13, 2005
Apache Derby, the pure Java SQL database, has released version The changes since official release include: Globalization of the 10.1 error messages. Eclipse 3.1 support Ability to run on Mac OS X with no special configuration Support for direct execution of derbynet.jar using the -jar option of the VM Fixes to allow databases to be loaded from jars in the classpath Fixes...
on Nov 24, 2005
In response to my A Read-only database in a jar? one of the commenters remarked that "Derby is alright but is much slower than HSQL" and referred to a benchmark at And guess what? He's is right. The problem is to figure out how he's right. I had one of our performance engineers look at the benchmark source and he came back telling me that...
on Oct 14, 2005
In Norway, all wines and liquors and beers stronger than 4.75 volume percent are sold at Vinmonopolet a state monopoly (Literally "The Wine Monopoly"). What has this to do with a read only database? Well, I once had an application on my Palm which contained Vinmonopolet's complete catalogue. Every now and then I updated the catalogue and was the able to search for information about their...
on Oct 3, 2005
I received some interesting comments on Easy String Concatenation Considered Harmful? and want to comment some of them. I too love the easy string concatenation of Java. But ease of use and the readable code that comes from it will very often hinder the programmer from seeing the problem when it occurs. I also agree that performance optimization should not be a developers first concern. But my...
on Sep 28, 2005
This is not about the amount of String objects generated when you do string concatenation in Java. This is about databases and JDBC. Performance problem? When encountering performance problems programmers have with Derby and other databases I very often find application code like Statement s = c.createStatement();while (<some loop on j>) {   ....   ResultSet rs = s....
on Sep 20, 2005