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Kristian Waagan (of Sun's Java DB development team) has really given Java DB (Sun's distribution of Apache / Derby) a new life of its own when it comes to handling CLOBs, starting with Java DB 10.5. Check out this thread.  Note the following testimony from David Goulden: The performance improvements with CLOBs are dramatic. I created a record with a CLOB containing about 10 million...
on May 28, 2009
Apache/Derby 10.5 is about to be released, and Knut Anders Hatlen has written a great blog entry about one of the new features: Generated Columns. (Knut himself has also worked on some important core-level feature that improves locking mechanisms within Derby.) Derby is an all-Java database to which Sun engineers in the Java DB team contribute. Java DB is Sun's release of Apache/Derby! In...
on Apr 16, 2009
MySQL Conference and Expo is coming up to Santa Clara this April. The program schedule is really easy to navigate and tells you about everything there's to partake of.  A quick review will show you that the  quality of the no-nonsense presentations will be amazing. (We should thank the MySQL community team for helping ensure a high level of quality and relevance.)
on Feb 2, 2009
With a simple fix, Rick Hillegas has ensured that developers can have access to a powerful SQL parser that comes with Apache/Derby. (Sun's Java DB is a distribution of Apache/Derby that is available in the JDK, starting with JDK 6.)
on Nov 23, 2008
Knut Anders Hatlen writes about memcached user-defined functions (UDF) for Java DB on OpenSolaris. Knut has also mentioned the recent release of Apache Derby 10.4.2. A corresponding Java DB release should be available for download soon. (Usually this happens immediately but we're all at a developers' conference for the next couple of weeks.)
on Sep 11, 2008
For those living in the Silicon Valley and working on software for the Web, one of the best technology conferences of the year will arrive literally around the corner: MySQL Conference & Expo, April 14 to 17, 2008, here in Santa Clara California. 
on Apr 3, 2008
Josh Berkus covers the basics of PostgreSQL on Solaris in his Sun Tech Days, Milan, presentation.
on Dec 3, 2007
While I was away for meetings at Sun Microsystems's India Engineering Center, Eileen Alan of SDN channel posted a recent conversation I had with Kuldip Oberoi about Java DB and Apache Derby. I think Kuldip and I touched on a number of important topics about the technology, the business and Sun's general strategy behind Sun's Java DB work, and it is certainly very exciting to see the uptake by the...
on Nov 30, 2007
Randal Schwartz and Leo Laporte talk to Josh Berkus on FLOSS, about PostgreSQL, Perl, Python, PHP, Java, etc., and various PostgreSQL related projects.
on Aug 20, 2007
Learn more about PostgreSQL on Solaris from Zdenek Kotala.
on Aug 16, 2007
Check out this result to understand how you can save tons of money using PostgreSQL on Solaris on ULtraSparc T1 CoolThreads Server! Very similar performance at a fraction of the cost! (Licensing fees ==> Oracle on HP: $80,000. PostgreSQL on SunFire: $0.)
on Aug 16, 2007
Anyone who has ever done any J2EE programming or managed or followed a project involving Java for the enterprise must have heard about the SpecJ standards. In the first week of July 2007, Sun announced a very attractive SpecJ2004 result for an all open-source Sun stack, including PostgreSQL on Solaris on Niagara. Josh Berkus and Jignesh Shah have already written about the recent SpecJ benchmark...
on Jul 10, 2007
Check out Francois Orsini's "Enabling Offline Web Applications with Java DB," where he previews his upcoming JavaOne talk with Zimbra's Kevin Henrikson. Previously posted: If you're interested in playing soccer just after the closure of JavaOne 2007, see here.
on May 4, 2007
In his keynote address to the ApacheCon yesterday, Tim Bray announced that Sun will be releasing the Apache Derby database as "Java DB". This announcement comes after months of planing, hard work, team building and contributions to the Apache Derby project. All of Sun's database technologies group should really be congratulated for their contributions and effort! I'm honored and truly proud to...
on Dec 14, 2005