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Steve A. Olson

Steve A. Olson is a founder and Chairman of the Board of Applied Information Technologies, Inc. ( and is currently serving the House and Senate within the Office of Legislative Information at the Congressional Research Service on Capital Hill.   Since 1994, Mr. Olson has worked extensively in the area of Database/Web integration and for the past 5 years on Java and J2EE Technologies.  Mr. Olson has presented several papers at local, regional and national technical conferences.


sgsst's blog

Is Client-Server Dead?

Posted by sgsst on January 9, 2004 at 1:30 PM PST

The relational database (based on SQL) has given us an elegant way to model the way different parts of an application relate to one another. Relationships allow us to eliminate redundant data, to relate data in meaningful ways, and to enforce those relationships at the lowest levels to ensure consistency.