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Abdelmonaim Remani

Abdel is currently a Platform Architect at, a startup in the messaging/social mobile space. He is software developer and technology enthusiast at heart and by profession. Particularly interested in technology evangelism and enterprise software development and architecture. Experienced in Java Enterprise Applications and a wide range of related technologies. President and Founder of a number of organizations namely The NorCal Java User Group, The Silicon Valley Dart Meetup, and The Silicon Valley Spring User Group. Abdel is a JavaOne RockStar and a frequent speaker at a number of developer conferences including JavaOne, JAX Conf, OsCon, OREDEV, 33rd Degree and many user groups and community events. Follow him on Twitter Email: abdelmonaim.remani AT Blog:


polymathiccoder's blog

Oracle/Sun Merger: A Community Prospective

Posted by polymathiccoder on October 20, 2009 at 3:06 AM PDT

The Oracle Sun take-over stirred a lot of controversy about the future of the Java platform. It is no secret that Oracle’s main goal behind the merger is access to Sun’s hardware technology.