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Maciej Zawadzki

Maciej Zawadzki is the President of Urbancode, Inc., a firm of software experts that offer developer training and mentoring, as well as custom development services. Mr. Zawadzki is the original author of the open source Anthill Build Management Server and Urbancode's EJB Benchmark. Maciej entered the software industry in 1992 with the development of Neural Network simulators for time series forecasting. Since 1996 Maciej has been working primarily in Java.


maciejz's blog

A Client Side Container for J2EE?

Posted by maciejz on July 8, 2003 at 7:36 AM PDT

J2EE has placed a lot of emphasis on the middle tier -- so much so, that the development of J2EE clients has gone pretty much ignored. The J2EE patterns, that to a large extent deal with the interaction between the EJB clients and the EJB tier, provide only a stop gap solution.