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Wonseok Kim

Wonseok Kim is a senior developer at TmaxSoft, South Korea. He works on the development of Tmax Application Server - very popular in Korea. He has been participated in JCP such as JSR 244 (Java EE 5) and JSR 220 (EJB 3.0). He is also a contributor to GlassFish project. Prior to Java EE he had developed NMS and OSS systems for telecommunications in Java. Now he has concerns primarily on EJB and persistence technologies and is working on them.


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JavaOne wrapup seminar in Korea

Posted by guruwons on June 25, 2006 at 2:08 AM PDT

On 8 July there will be JavaOne 2006 wrapup seminar in Seoul hosted by Sun and Korean community JCO(Java Community Org.).
The agenda is as follows.

14:00 Introduction (JCO VP Sanghoon Ok)
14:10 [Session 1] JavaOne Highlights-Java technologies Roadmap: JavaEE 5, JavaSE 6,7 (Java Champion Sooyeol Yang)
14:50 [Session

EJB 3.0 sessions in 2006 JavaOne

Posted by guruwons on June 9, 2006 at 10:18 PM PDT

This year JavaOne finished and it left lots of information which will be useful for a long time. As I review it I arranged technical sessions related to EJB 3.0 and Java Persistence. Here I write brief introduction and summary of them.