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Greg Murray

Appointed as AJAX Architect for Sun Microsystems, Greg Murray is deeply involved in the AJAX movement through his participation in the OpenAJAX Alliance and contributions to the Dojo Foundation's open-source JavaScript toolkit. Within Sun, Greg lead a grass roots effort advancing the integration of client-side scripting with Java technologies and is the creator and principal architect of Project jMaki. jMaki uses the best parts of Java and the best parts of JavaScript to deliver rich AJAX style widgets through a singe, easy-to-use interface that accesses components from popular widget libraries such as Dojo,, Yahoo's UI Library, Spry, DHTML Goodies, and Google's Web Toolkit. Greg recently contributed to the design and development of the AJAX-based Java Pet Store 2.0 Demo and helped create Java BluePrints solutions for using AJAX with Java technologies.


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