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Erik Hatcher

Erik Hatcher is the co-author of the premiere book on Ant, Java Development with Ant published by Manning and is co-author of Lucene in Action. He is an active Ant project developer and maintains jGuru's Ant FAQ and Forum. Erik has written articles for, IBM developerWorks, and JavaPro. His other active open-source efforts currently include Lucene, XDoclet, and his own blogger - BlogScene. Erik lives in Charlottesville, VA.


erikhatcher's blog

Scripting language support

Posted by erikhatcher on June 12, 2003 at 1:01 PM PDT

Follow up to the scripting languages JSR-223... I must emphasize my dissatisfaction with the web-only nature of the scripting language support initiative. One of the biggest issues I have with JSP is that it is intimately tied to the HTTP request and response.

Ctrl-c, Ctrl-v

Posted by erikhatcher on June 11, 2003 at 3:02 PM PDT

I went to Joshua Bloch's and Neal Gafter's More Programming Puzzlers session. It was fantastic! I won't embarrass myself with how many of the ten puzzlers I got wrong. One piece of advice Bloch gave was to "copy-and-paste" declarations to avoid issues with mis-overridden methods like this:

Day Two Key"notes" - Take it up to Eleven

Posted by erikhatcher on June 11, 2003 at 11:37 AM PDT

The comedy by Don McMillan was great!

Tai Chi in the Park

Posted by erikhatcher on June 11, 2003 at 7:49 AM PDT

I got an earlier start to JavaOne this morning and found that the nice park by Moscone is a haven for tai chi / qigong training in the morning. Nice! Tomorrow morning I will be out there at day break to join in. Anyone care to join me?

Being healthy while coding is key!

Taking a REST

Posted by erikhatcher on June 10, 2003 at 5:17 PM PDT

Styles of Integration: REST Versus Web Services Architecture

Paraphasing, this is the quote that stuck out from this presentation: REST architectures tend to be resilient to changes.

I can't get there from here

Posted by erikhatcher on June 10, 2003 at 5:06 PM PDT

So, last night I decide to plan my first day at JavaOne. I pull out the thin Conference Schedule and Program Guide Addendum. Excellent - it has a calendar for Tuesday's sessions schedule, nicely formatted. The word "REST" pops out at me - thats a session (TS-3163) I want to attend. But it'd be nice to see who the speaker is and the abstract of the talk.

JavaOne Bloggin'

Posted by erikhatcher on June 10, 2003 at 3:06 PM PDT

JavaOne is in full force. I sense a lot of enthusiam and excitement about Java. After this post goes through successfully I'll blog some more!