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Elias Nogueira

Elias Nogueira is a Java Developer with a focus on Swing applications and Test Engineer for data quality and geomaps (maps) applications. He is also leader of the studies group "Confraria do Java" and GELC Leader, and promotes the use of Java technology and to attract the interest of students in universities by setting up group of studies.


eliasn's blog

GELC and the new project: study groups

Posted by eliasn on October 21, 2007 at 9:32 AM PDT

Some time ago was put here on the Web site of a post in a forum where I spoke about initiatives within universities for the free study of Java technology.

Today, I as one of the leaders of the GELC and participant of one of the groups, the Confraria do Java, I will post experiences related to this group.

In Confraria do Java have the following structure for the study of Java technology: