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Eitan Suez

Eitan Suez is a programmer living and working in Austin, Texas. He has been programming in Java since 1995 and is a certified Java programmer. Eitan developed a Java API documentation tool called dbdoc featured on in July 2002. Eitan often speaks at the series of Symposiums on Java organized by The Complete Programmer Network. He is also active with the Austin Java Users Group.


eitan's blog

Perspectives on Software Applications and their User Interfaces

Posted by eitan on October 30, 2003 at 7:49 AM PST


To swing or to web, appears to be a big question

Posted by eitan on October 21, 2003 at 8:01 AM PDT

When starting a new project, the User Interface decision is always a big one. Should we use Swing? Or should we develop a web-based solution? Some also are correct to argue that web-based doesn't necessarily imply HTML-based. Macromedia-based web solutions are not only viable but a real player.

Reporting from Texas - Our July JUG Meeting

Posted by eitan on July 31, 2003 at 8:28 AM PDT

The Austin JUG held its July meeting two days ago. The topic was "JavaOne 2003 Recap." We had a great turnout (close to 100 people crammed into our meeting location) and the level of interest was high. Five members who attended JavaOne gave a short talk on their experience at the conference and participated in the discussion panel that ensued.

Impressions of "Mac OS X for Java Geeks"

Posted by eitan on July 10, 2003 at 2:30 PM PDT

I recently read Will Iverson's "Mac OS X for Java Geeks" and thought I'd
contribute my impressions of this recently published book.

In summary:

Excited about new O'Reilly book on Tomcat

Posted by eitan on July 1, 2003 at 3:21 PM PDT

Don't ask me why but I ordered my copy of the O'Reilly
Tomcat book online instead of picking it up at the bookstore
at JavaOne. My copy just came in the mail.

It's nice to see how Tomcat has matured and that we now
have access to a bound reference on this popular server
which has become an industry workhorse.

For Mac fans: Welcome improvements to Eclipse on MacOSX

Posted by eitan on July 1, 2003 at 3:15 PM PDT

I recently downloaded the M1 release of Eclipse for Mac OS
X and I'm really pleased with the improvements over the
previous release.

.. on TS-1521: Doing serious Java technology development on Mac OS X

Posted by eitan on June 12, 2003 at 6:42 PM PDT

A very good presentation full of lots of little demos. Clearly shows that developers have a variety of choices for development tools and utilities on the OS X platform. The turnout was great; Esplanade 304 room was practically full.

TS-2312: Model 2X: The best of both worlds!

Posted by eitan on June 12, 2003 at 4:05 PM PDT

TS-2312 introduces the idea of combining jsp/jstl with xslt transformations to produce dynamic apps that target different markup languages, such as wml, html (why didn't they mention xul? i find it a shame that so far most people have blissfully ignored xul, a very powerful markup language for describing user interfaces..).

Patterns independent of scale: the pull model

Posted by eitan on June 12, 2003 at 12:03 PM PDT

i'm sitting and listening to the TS-1560 technical session on the ws-i basic profile. we're looking at a diagram of a sample application: consumers pulling goods from a retailer shelf, in turn triggering the retailer to pull inventory items from a warehouse.

it's good to be here..

Posted by eitan on June 11, 2003 at 5:10 PM PDT

While awaiting the keynote on Wednesday morning, looking around me I noticed only a few yards away James Gosling having a conversation with a few friends, Tim O'Reilly standing maybe 2-3 yards away from him holding a separate discussion. Across the hallway there's Blake Stone from Borland typing away on his notebook computer. Can't help but feel: it's good to be here.