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James Duncan Davidson

James Duncan Davidson is a freelance author, software developer, and consultant focusing on Mac OS X, Java, XML, and Open Source technologies. He created Apache Tomcat and Apache Ant and was instrumental in their donation to the Apache Software Foundation by Sun Microsystems. While at Sun he lead the expert groups for two versions of the Java Servlet API and served as one of the architects of the J2EE platform. He is the author of Learning Cocoa with Objective-C, co-author of Cocoa in a Nutshell, and a contributor to Mac OS X Hacks (all published by O'Reilly and Associates) and publisher of his own website, x180, where he keeps his popular weblog.


duncan's blog

Keynote: Best and Worst

Posted by duncan on June 10, 2003 at 1:59 PM PDT

The morning keynote is done and over with. There wasn't a lot there that stuck with me, but then, it's the non-technical keynote. So what did stick? Two things. One was the best line of the keynote when Jonathan Schwartz said, "The lawyers work for me." Man, I hope that's really true and not a joke.

Watching the Keynote, Couch Style

Posted by duncan on June 10, 2003 at 9:37 AM PDT

It's after 9 in the morning. An unnatural time for a software developer to be awake. And even more unnatural after having been up late last night socializing (the most important part of JavaOne). Its enough to make one wonder why they don't start the conference at noon. Unfortunately, if they started the show at noon, it would encroach into that valuable socialization time.

Around Town After Hours

Posted by duncan on June 10, 2003 at 1:11 AM PDT

The well known secret of JavaOne is that the best stuff doesn't happen behind the doors of the presentation rooms at Moscone, but it happens in the restaurants, bars, and other meeting spots around Moscone. Sure, you can hear good things in the presentations, but it's the socializing with all those other attendees running around that you really find the benefits of coming to JavaOne.

Gearing Up For JavaOne

Posted by duncan on June 7, 2003 at 4:28 PM PDT

Once again, JavaOne is upon us. It's hard to believe that this is the 8th JavaOne since it all started. Somehow, amazingly, I've been to each and every one. And each year is different. The first was, in many ways, the best. Java was new, I was younger, and every session was an opportunity to learn more and more.