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Duane Gran

Duane Gran is a Project Manager at the University of Virginia, where he supervises Java developers working on software to enhance literary criticism. Previously he served as a Software Architect and was a Senior Java Programmer at the Department of Labor and the Library of Congress. He has been programming in Java since the public beta in 1995. Duane lives in Charlottesville, VA.


duanegran's blog

What's in a name? Not much.

Posted by duanegran on June 27, 2005 at 8:38 AM PDT

I'm rather sanguine about name changes, especially when it removes the dreaded "enterprise" word, but what I really want from Sun is a rational version number. The same thing can be found in releases of Solaris. Why must something be simultaneously known as Java 1.5 and Java 5.

Lucene is a wonderful thing

Posted by duanegran on February 23, 2005 at 10:29 AM PST

Erik Hatcher, author of Lucene in Action has put together a nice presentation overview of Lucene at

Do we need to lobby for Java these days?

Posted by duanegran on March 10, 2004 at 5:48 AM PST

I was an early member of the JavaLobby while I was still in college. At the time I was doing an internship for Kraft Foods in Chicago where I gently prodded the IT group to consider Java as a viable technology. Today I can't imagine having the same conversation. Since then I've worked on projects for the federal government and currently manage several Java-based projects at a University.