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Dan Milstein

Dan Milstein is an independent programmer and consultant in the Boston area. He has spent many years building database-backed websites for various clients, and has become something of a Java and Servlet expert as a result. He worked for a time as a committer on the Tomcat project, during which period he salvaged the Tomcat-Apache connectors from disaster, largely by writing comments in other people's code. This is still his idea of a good time.


danmil's blog

Why I Fear Aspect-Oriented Programming

Posted by danmil on March 31, 2004 at 9:20 AM PST

Aspect-Oriented programming gives me a bit of the heebie jeebies, I have
to admit. The longer I've programmed, the more I've come to value clarity
over flexibility -- not that they're necessarily in conflict, but if
there's even a hint that they are, I come down on the side of clarity every

Edge East 2004 - A Skeptic's Tour

Posted by danmil on February 26, 2004 at 9:10 AM PST

So, I just attended Edge East
, a Web Services Conference here in scenic Boston. Full
disclosure: I'm not exactly the world's biggest fan of the Web Services. My
ten cents going in: they solve a very complex problem in a very complex
way. And thus, they are to be feared.