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Open JDK

In a comment on my last entry, rgreig asks: One thing that struck me about MXBeans is that they are really fusion of standard MBeans and OpenMBeans, since they only use standard types. However they don't actually conform to OpenMBean conventions. Why was the decision taken not to make MXBeans OpenMBeans? (i.e. return an OpenMBeanInfo from getMBeanInfo()) Therein lies a tale! MXBeans...
on Sep 16, 2005
Summer is of course the time when people take their vacation, and nowhere more so than here in France. You could be forgiven for thinking that the entire country grinds to a halt between the traditional vacation boundaries of the 14th of July (Bastille Day) and the 15th of August (Feast of the Assumption, a public holiday, don't ask). It seems like...
on Sep 14, 2005
Thanks to thoughtful comments and questions from the community and great feedback at Java One, Sun has revised the Java Research License (JRL) to address several concerns that have been brought to our attention -- in particular with how it affects open source developers. As before, it is Sun's purpose to make its code easily available to developers under JRL for research and collaboration...
on Sep 9, 2005

Java Desktop

And so then Java2D says to JOGL: "Ni hao, wode pengyou" In Mustang b51, we made some minor enhancements to Java2D that allow JOGL's GLJPanel implementation to render directly into the Swing backbuffer when the OpenGL-based Java2D pipeline is enabled (see 6309763). While it was certainly possible before to use JOGL in a Swing application, it required a number of intermediate steps to get the...
on Sep 15, 2005
Another interesting announcement here at PDC is that Microsoft is creating a subset of their cool, fancy pants UI layer (formerly code-named Avalon, now WPF) on other platforms, including the Mac! In fact, one of the demos involved showing vector graphics rendered in Safari using a Microsoft plug-in. This subset, called WPF/E, will be powered by XAML (their XML dialect for representing the UI)...
on Sep 13, 2005
The latest Q Build of NetBeans provides much better support for third-party look-and-feels than was available in previous releases (although still it has some hard-coded assumptions that LAF should inherit from Metal, leading to quite a few ClassCastExceptions). Recently, a few dark-themed look-and-feels have been made available, and I decided to take them for a ride on the NetBeans. This FAQ...
on Sep 10, 2005
I admitted it, I'm a ebay sniper. Those ebay buyers that step in at the absolute last second and take the bid away from perspective bidders. Until recently I would watch individual items as the ending time approached. It got so bad that I would even use my cell phone for those have to items. But no more, I've been liberated. Last week Best Buy did me a "favor" and reduced that LCD HDTV set $...
on Sep 8, 2005
Having JTabbedPanes with many tabs can be awkward concerning keyboard usage. Per-tab mnemonics are not really an option because they really limit the number of available mnemonics for the tabs own valuable content! Facing this problem, I created the TabSwitcher utility applicable to any JTabbedPane: new TabSwitcher(tabbedpane, KeyStroke.getKeyStroke(KeyEvent.VK_T, KeyEvent.ALT_DOWN_MASK));...
on Sep 8, 2005

Java Enterprise

I've been racking my brain lately, tossing around ideas. I've been working tons with Facelets technology with trying to push JSF into new directions, but it still sits on top of JSF. Not that there's anything wrong with what JSF does, it's really rich, almost too rich. JSF really 'gets' the concept of a component. It allows you to mingle components and accessory concerns such as listeners,...
on Sep 14, 2005
Ruby on Rails: love it or hate it, but it does have a lot of fresh ideas. One of the really great things that RoR has done is presented AJAX functionality in an easy to use API. John Reynolds provided a nice list of AJAX/JavaScript sites in one of his last blog entries, one of which was The site includes RoR AJAX examples with source code. While light weight, I was suprised to...
on Sep 8, 2005
Sun product line manager Ashwin Rao's commentary, Developer Collaboration in Our Shrinking World of an Expanding Workforce, exudes objectivity, sensitivity, and profundity. No fluffy marketer, Ashwin has a strong technical background and built software for years in a pre-Sun career. From personal experience, he understands the challenges of collaboration in software development and the many...
on Sep 8, 2005
This is part 4 of a blog series on the superb capabilities new in Sun Java Studio Enterprise 8 EA. As indicated in part 1, I have Nathan Fiedler of the IDE's development team to thank for the input for this series. Ant-Based Project System: A More Robust UI The Ant-based project system in Sun Java Studio Enterprise 8, a replica of the same system in NetBeans 4.1, brings three main benefits to...
on Sep 8, 2005

Java Tools

Well, I am shamed - some months ago I mentioned that I'd started work on a Usages Tree view for NetBeans. I started on the project, and shelved it with the hundreds of other weekend coding projects I have. Someone recently mentioned this on JavaLobby - and that the plugin had never appeared. So last night I wrote it, and you can download it here. AFAIK it's solid, but I wrote it from start to...
on Sep 13, 2005

Java Web Services and XML

I just found that there's a project on SourceForge that provides a Java API to invoke Google desktop search. The reason I'm writing about this is that because it's using JAXB. Yay!
on Sep 12, 2005
This is a continution from here. 404: That's what I'm getting when trying to browse a service endpoint from a virtual directory in IIS manager. I filed a bug on MSDN Product Feedback Center and hopefully will hear back a response. I've tried installing and re-installing WinFX Runtime and SDK multiple times (trying to rule out installation errors) but in vain. A text file in the same virtual...
on Sep 8, 2005
FastInfoset implementats SAX and StAX interfaces. This allows any XML technologies to be used with FastInfoset provided that they support either SAX or StAX. So it's generally that easy. For example, the following code creates a StAX XMLStreamReader from a file encoded in the FastInfoset format: import com.sun.xml.fastinfoset.stax.*;InputStream in = new BufferedInputStream(new FileInputStream...
on Sep 6, 2005


Other folks have been blogging about the new support for NetBeans module development in the 5.0 stream. However, as the guy who put together the "cluster build harness" for (unofficially) supporting module development in 4.1, I just thought I'd chime in with my own words of praise. If I were starting a project based on the netbeans platform now, I would not use my cluster build harness. I'd...
on Sep 12, 2005
St. Petersburg is a beautiful city! Other than the nightly battles with mosquitos in my hotel room, the trip was excellent. I spent a week meeting with engineers who are working on NetBeans plugins, and finally got to meet a lot of people I'd conversed with via email. We've got a great group of folks there. Nevsky Prospect in St. Petersburg at sunset Saturday, my friend Martin Ryzl, the...
on Sep 12, 2005
In a previous entry, I vented my frustration at scrambled JARs in the netbeans build process. Well, they're gone. I'd like to think I had some small part to play in that. I probably didn't, but I'll go on thinking I did :)
on Sep 5, 2005

Global Education and Learning

The Global Education and Learning Community continues to grow. Again we have a wide range from student-based exploration, teaching tools, Chinese language learning to an innovative healthcare application. The projects are from around the world and include Viet Nam, USA, China, and Brazil. Here are summaries of each of the projects. Click the link below to read more on the details from each of...
on Sep 7, 2005