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Java Enterprise

Over the past weeks, in collaboration with Nathan Fiedler, a Sun Java Studio Enterprise developer, I posted a six-part blog series, Nifty Capabilities in Sun Java Studio Enterprise 8 Early Access. Now that the final release is out, I've consolidated the series here, given that all of those characteristics apply to the final version of the IDE. A handy reference for you, I hope. Be sure to visit...
on Oct 18, 2005
A few weeks back, I worked feverishly to get an article ready for this months' (November 2005) edition of the Sys-con's Java Developer Journal, or as many people refer to it, the JDJ. Check out your pigeon hole mailbox, or head to JDJ online to read the article. For this article, I delve into the details of matching your JDBC driver against the many choices in the Object-Relational-Mapping (ORM)...
on Oct 17, 2005
The Sun Java Studio Enterprise Software Forum is the place for you to congregate with fellow developers and the Java Studio Enterprise engineering team online: You can ask questions, post comments, discuss bugs or issues, share your thoughts about the UI, offer suggestions. Not a participant yet? Just join Sun Developer Network--for free--and then sign in and post away. This is part 3 of a series...
on Oct 10, 2005
Sometimes a single word can really wreak havoc, and "Bean" is one such word. My enthusiasm for Java took a distinct nose dive the first time I encountered the implementation details for the dreaded Enterprise Java Bean. It was quite a shock, and I did everything that I could to avoid using them. Now that EJB3 has significantly lessened the learning curve, many of my initial complaints have...
on Oct 6, 2005
James Gosling's recent blog asks the question: "SOA: Buzzworld Whiplash or Real Meat?" The answer probably requires a change of perspective. Jame's falls into the same trap that I fell in... SOA isn't really about a programming paradigm, it's about a product paradigm. Let me rush to explain.... To programmers SOA looks a lot like OOP (especially a lot like OOP as promoted by the SmallTalk...
on Oct 5, 2005

Java Web Services and XML

Ken Hofsass enabled the JAX-WSA 1.0 RI weekly builds here. We will soon be adding samples for you to play. Technorati: Web Services jaxwsa WSAddressing
on Oct 17, 2005
Different Output Media The most basic notion of the marshalling is to take a JAXB-bound object that has @XmlRootElement, and write it out as a whole XML document. So perhaps you have a class like this: @XmlRootElementclass Point {  @XmlElement  public int x;  @XmlElement  public int y;  Point(...) { ... }} Then you can do: marshaller.marshal( new Point(1,3), System.out...
on Oct 13, 2005
JAX-WSA (Java API for XML Web Services Addressing) Early Draft 1 specification, zipped javadocs and online javadocs are now available. This is a work of JSR 261 Expert Group that is chartered to define APIs and a framework to support transport-neutral addressing of Web services. Please visit for regular updates. Technorati: Web Services jaxwsa WSAddressing
on Oct 12, 2005
JSR 222 Expert Group has published the JAXB 2.0 Proposed Final Draft and can be donwloaded from Please let us know your feedback.
on Oct 7, 2005
Many XML parser APIs accept InputStream or Reader. For example, JAXB unmarshaller has unmarshal(InputStream), StAX has XMLInputFactory.createStreamReader(InputStream), XStream has XStream.fromXML(Reader). So all too often you'd write something like: XMLInputFactory xif = ...;xif.createStreamReader(new FileInputStream("data/foo.xml")); Or maybe: XMLInputFactory xif = ...;xif....
on Oct 7, 2005

Java Desktop

What would you say if you opened the Options dialog in your application and it looked like this (click to see larger version): I've blogged about adding watermark image before, but pay attention to the buttons. They are shaped like little rhinos. Don't like rhinos (or Beyonce)? No biggie, just change a few VM flags and here you go (click for larger view): And now to the reason why would you...
on Oct 17, 2005
Does the following look familiar (under default Ocean theme in Metal LAF)? The menu doesn't look good, with jagged items all over the place. The common solution in this scenario is to use a transparent icon on those menu items that don't have one. There are a few problems with this approach: What happens if you add another menu item with slightly wider icon? You will have to adjust all other...
on Oct 10, 2005
When I'm home and need to tweak and plot an equation, I use an excellent tool that ships with MacOS X 10.4, Grapher. Easy to use, it fits my purpose and provides a good user experience: As I don't want to carry both my laptops to the office every day, I bring only my Windows box, on which I have yet to find a tool to replace Grapher. I have tried several tools and none convinced me yet....
on Oct 10, 2005
Many months ago, Craig and I started the SwingFX project. One of the first components to be added was the infinite progress panel I described in a blog entry: This component was quite successful (I've recently seen a variation in ZValley's ZEN) but it remains quite simple. Michael Bushe just added a very valuable feature, the ability to cancel the current running task: You can get it today in...
on Oct 6, 2005
This past Saturday morning, a friend and I were in San Francisco at Golden Gate park, walking out of the Speedway Meadow. It was cool and overcast and the fog blanketed the tree tops and hung over our heads and gave the surroundings the blurry hazy look of an old newsreel. We were walking down into another hollow, listed on the map as Marx meadow, and drifting toward us was the sound of Joan...
on Oct 5, 2005


When the béta of NetBeans 5.0 has been available, I decide to write somes nice Flash tutorials for NetBeans 5.0. But they are, today, only available in french. You can find them on, a high quality french website. is hosting a lot of forums (and specially a recently new netbeans forum) concerning development, tutorials, blogs, FAQ, Sources, ... You can also find...
on Oct 16, 2005


About six months ago Sun released the Jini Starter Kit under the Apache Software License 2.0. That enabled other projects that use the service implementations and utilities from the Starter Kit to follow suit. By the time this weblog entry is written, 18 projects in the Jini community are using an open-source license and 15 others have plans to do so. The following list of projects is partly...
on Oct 13, 2005

Java Tools

Many applications of today need to have a part of the program that waits for other entities. For example, a mailing list manager waits for an e-mail to trigger actions. A web application waits for incoming HTTP requests. Sometimes those applications are conversational; they not only just receive messages, but also send out messages. Those programs often maintain some state and change it as the...
on Oct 12, 2005

Open JDK

In my blog at blogs.sun I talked about building the JDK 6.0 but I must confess, most of the effort is in just getting your machine setup, that alone should put you up for a JDK medal of honor. Once a Windows XP machine has the C++ compiler installed and cygwin installed, the rest is fairly easy. Of course that's easy for me to say, I've built it so many times I think I might be going build...
on Oct 12, 2005

Global Education and Learning

Once again, a fine crop of great projects in the Global Education and Learning Community. This time we have some normal fare for our community in terms of math with Algebra and Path Planning plus study aids and teacher aids with a Study Buddy and an Open Gradebook. We also have a student working on a programming assignment, an educational web site, and an online exam. But this time we also...
on Oct 6, 2005