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Global Education and Learning

Education and Research Becomes JELC Every once in a while you have something that someone else is looking for. You learn a skill and someone wants to hire you for that skill. You have a spare room, and a good roommate shows up. Well the Education and Research Community at has the skills and the spare room and guess who shows up? How about the rest of the world? Europe to China and...
on May 27, 2004
Introducing the Education and Research Community Java.Net is a very big place on the net nowadays. There are a lot of communities and hundreds of projects. But what is in each community? Why would you host your project in one or the other? Today I am going to tell you about one of the Java.Net communities I manage, Education and Research (E&R). But first, Education and Research? Why? In...
on Mar 16, 2004
While I'm certainly not the first person to comment on it, one of the things that deflated my usual new-language euphoria was the vast collection of acronyms that Java brings with it. I'm not going to spend much time complaining about this, as I know how banal and trite that is , but it struck me as being a definite road block to the usually enjoyable experience of learning a new language. My...
on Mar 2, 2004
Jedit, wordml, xaml, jxpath, InfoPath, XForms are some of the names that I have jotted down in 2003 to take a look at in the future. Hopefully I will get to some of these in 2004. The following knowledge folder named "Research" explores these ideas a bit further and provide additional references. Research Knowledge Folder On a personal front I want to consider the following: Provide a...
on Jan 7, 2004
The OOPSLA conference - "Object Oriented Programming, Systems, Languages, and Applications," was held in Anaheim, CA in October '03. In some ways, the conference feels more comfortable than innovative. It's nice to see old friends and visit with new people. I got some useful small ideas, but I didn't walk away learning "the next big thing." Regrettably, attendance was down by a fair bit. One...
on Nov 20, 2003
Are we there yet? Periodically, I like to sit back and take stock of how closely “computers” match my expectations of what they ought to be, and starting this blog seems to be as good an excuse as any to see how they’re doing. My expectations for computers are pretty easy to sum up: I want computers to function the way they did on Star Trek back in the mid 60’s. When I...
on Oct 24, 2003
Several talks I attended this week touched on the important issue of online identity. A talk by Bill Yeager in the JXTA BOF Wednesday night described Virsona, a Sun research project to build a JXTA-based system of presence with ironclad security and privacy. Every individual has complete control over who can learn what about their location and activities. Virsona is targeted to the enterprise...
on Jun 13, 2003
In a session Thursday afternoon, Michael Kölling and John Rosenberg demonstrated BlueJ, a Java IDE they had developed over the last seven years for teaching O-O programming. BlueJ's guiding philosophy is to make it possible to teach object-oriented concepts first, before students even begin to write code. It does so by representing the objects in a UML-like graphical format, and showing...
on Jun 13, 2003
On their excellent presentation Tuesday afternoon, Jurgen Schmidt and Colm Smyth revealed (to me at least) that StarOffice has a Java programming API. How cool is that! This open up a number of intriguing possibilities. Controlling StarOffice programmatically(this could take care of writing “I will not talk in class” 100 times very nicely). Embedding StarOffice in a Java...
on Jun 12, 2003
So what is Open Course collaboration? Collaboration and sharing are well established traditions in higher education. Just as academics collaborate on scientific research and publish their results freely, some are working together to build learning objects and share them with other faculty. Academic collaboration to build open learning objects, tools and standards is termed "open course"...
on Jun 8, 2003