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Identity Management

Sun's Daniel Raskin wrote in September that Sun was combining two flagship identity products, Sun Java System Access Manager and Sun Java System Federation Manager, into a single product: Sun Java System Federated Access Manager. Coming right up in the spring of 2008!Here's a two-part overview by Daniel on Sun Java System Federation Manager 8.0: Part 1 and Part 2. In addition, on
on Dec 13, 2007
Sun Developer Network's Identity Management Hub underwent a face-lift in September with an enhanced look and feel, new navigations, and spotlights of many identity-related topics. You'll find downloads, references, and other resources, including product highlights, FAQs, community forums, demos, and support and training information at your fingertips. SDN continually publishes on this hub...
on Nov 29, 2007
My mid-October posting about Part 1 of an SDN article series on identity services in OpenSSO, specifically on authentication, elicited a few positive comments and questions. Part 2 on authorization is now live.In this part, the same sample application in Part 1 applies. You're shown how to further configure OpenSSO so that authenticated users can perform tasks for which they have been...
on Nov 28, 2007
Gartner recently positioned Sun Java System Access Manager in the Leaders Quadrant in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Web Access Management, 2H07. The criteria for such placement hinge on a product's "ability to execute and completeness of vision." A blog on The Aquarium points to a Sun press release, the Gartner Report, and an article at Destination CRM; also three related blogs.I've spotlighted...
on Nov 20, 2007
In a posting last week, I introduced the new FAQ on Sun Java System Access Manager and Sun Java System Federation Manager. Sun Developer Network published two more sections yesterday: Authentication — Load balancer cookie resets, failover, certificates, SSO Token Single Sign-On (SSO) and Sessions — Timeout values, prevention of session hijacking, notification service, enabling of SSO...
on Nov 1, 2007
Just published on Sun Developer Network are two sections of Q&As on Sun Java System Access Manager and Sun Java System Federation Manager, two of Sun's flagship identity-management products: General — Interoperability with other vendor products, user interfaces, support for mobile Web access, silent installation Administration Console — Password resets, column additions in legacy...
on Oct 25, 2007
New on Sun Developer Network is Part 1 of an article series on securing applications with identity services in OpenSSO, Sun's open Web access management project based on Sun Java System Access Manager. Citing the example of a client application built with the NetBeans IDE, this first segment describes how to configure OpenSSO so as to authenticate users by means of its identity-service...
on Oct 12, 2007
OpenDS, launched in 2005 to build an open-source, LDAPv3-compliant directory service that's extensible and easy to install and configure, now boasts a solid community of contributors and users. A recent overview on Sun Developer Network by Trey Drake, the project's community manager, describes the role of OpenDS in data consolidation and highlights the upcoming milestones.
on Sep 28, 2007
The latest release of Sun Java System Access Manager, version 7.1, is deployable on Sun Java System Application Server (open-sourced as GlassFish) as a single Web application. A recent article on Sun Developer Network, Installing, Configuring, and Deploying Sun Java System Access Manager the Simple Way, describes the process, which takes only minutes to complete. It's a snap. Also, Sun Java...
on Sep 26, 2007
New on Sun Developer Network is Part 3 of the Sun-Microsoft interoperability series for Web authentication. The article describes in detail how to integrate Microsoft Outlook Web Access with Sun Java System Access Manager to achieve single sign-on (SSO). Users can then authenticate with Access Manager, access their Inbox, and work on their email without having to log in again.As a refresher,...
on Sep 7, 2007
Sun evangelist Sang Shin is offering a free, online course on Sun Java System Identity Manager, which boasts user provisioning and auditing capabilities for managing identity profiles and permissions. The course will start on Monday, September 17. 2007 and last for eight weeks. It will kick off with an overview, followed by topics on the administration, development, and workflow aspects of the...
on Sep 4, 2007
I recently cowrote with Sun engineers Malla Simhachalam and Mrudul Uchil a three-part tutorial that describes how to secure enterprise components, such as those based on the EJB technology, with Sun Java System Access Manager and the Java Application Platform SDK with Tools bundle. A sample app of a stock-quote service accompanies the tutorial.Part 1 introduces the concepts and describes the...
on Aug 15, 2007
Sun is offering a free, two-hour, Web-based course called Sun Java Identity Management: Integrated Solutions. The course introduces the identity concepts and the related products from Sun—Identity Manager, Access Manager, Identity Auditor, Federation Manager, Identity Manager Service Provider Edition, and Directory Server Enterprise Edition—along with their capabilities. You'll also...
on Aug 9, 2007
Read a succinct, nicely illustrated summary of Web-service protocols in a recent InfoQ article, Making Sense of All These Crazy Web Service Standards. Described are SOAP, WSDL, transport protocols (HTTP/S, TCP, SMTP, UDP, et al), XML schemas, and others that enable messaging across platforms. The article also touches on their interoperability. Thanks to Pat Patterson, identity architect at Sun...
on Jun 1, 2007