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Java Enterprise

My adventures at FISL 8.0 continue....On Friday, IBM didn't showed up for their Web 2.0 talk and guess who was asked to replace them? With 10 minutes notification, I didn't have a single minute to stress or think. Charlie and I jumped to a crowded room and talked about GlassFish, SWDP and Grizzly Comet. Since Comet is fairly new, we spend a fair amount of time explaning what it is and how to use...
on Apr 16, 2007
This week is the week! I'm in Brazil for the 8th International Free Software Forum. This conference on open source projects is really interesting and a lot of folks are attempting the conference (~ 5000). My first day was a 'discussions day' and didn't have a single minute to attempt talks! I was around the Sun boot talking about GlassFish, Grizzly and GlassFish's Comet implementation. It is...
on Apr 13, 2007
In her new article on SDN, Integrating NetBeans IDE Profiler With Sun Java System Web Server 7.0, Sun engineer Yamini Balasubramanyam describes the benefits of performing profiling tasks with the Profiler in the NetBeans IDE and introduces the GUI before explaining the integration procedure with screen shots and example output. What a useful resource! Good job, Yamini.
on Apr 10, 2007
A new article on Sun Developer Network, An Ajax-Mashup Sample Application on Sun Java System Web Server 7.0, shows you the deployment process on Sun Java System Web Server 7.0, a stable and scalable platform. The sample application that's hosted with the article, accompanied by a screencast demo, is truly nifty, complete with displays of the latest news, weather, stock-quote, traffic, and map...
on Apr 5, 2007
Java University, which will begin on Monday, May 7, 2007 as part of 2007 JavaOne, will be available to Conference Plus Pass and Java University Pass holders. Thanks to Joe Boulenouar, Java technical specialist at Sun, here are a few course highlights:Using Java EE 5 and SOA to Architect and Design Robust Enterprise Applications Learn how to do the following: Structure applications to head off...
on Apr 4, 2007
Last week we got our first 'over the phone' architecture review of Grizzly 1.5. This week we gonna go into more details, going class by class with sequence diagrams (slides are coming). Here is the meeting info: Logistics:Wednesday April 4 2007Time: 10:00am PSTToll free: 866.839.8145International: 865.524.6352Access code: 1157051 technorati: grizzly
on Apr 3, 2007
We are taking the Grizzly to Brazil for a couple of shows. First, Charlie and I will talk about Grizzly and GlassFish @ FISL 8.0 Free Software Forum (April 12 to April 15). Our talk will cover the new Grizzly 1.5 framework, Grizzly in GlassFish, and some performance comparison with other NIO framework. Sun also have a boot where we gonna talk about GlassFish v2. Next we gonna talk about GlassFish...
on Mar 30, 2007
Yesterday we did a very open review of the Grizzly framework version 1.5. The meeting was open to everybody. We discussed the current framework classes, the migration from 1.0, some performance improvements, etc. A lot of peoples have called, and the interesting part was that the majority of listeners weren't from Sun. To name a few, we got listeners from Amazon, Sun, Noelios, and student from...
on Mar 30, 2007
At AjaxWorld 2007 last week both Greg and I demonstrated a JMaki demo which is using Grizzly Comet in GlassFish. The code is available under the JMaki workspace but you can also download the war file from here. Just install GlassFish, enable Comet and deploy the application. The application is simple. When you type a word, the word will be displayed using Flickr photos and shared amongs all Comet...
on Mar 29, 2007
inet software has released JDBC 4.0 drivers for Microsoft SQL Server(Merlia driver) and for Oracle (Oranxo driver). Atinav has also release a JDBC 4.0 driver for Microsoft SQL Server (aveConnect 4.0).
on Mar 28, 2007
The Grizzly community is currently discussing the first official release of 1.5.0. We gonna do an extensive architectural review Thursday 03/29. Everybody interested can join the call and influence the future of the animal! The meeting will start @ 9h00am PST and I will present some slides about the migration between 1.0 and 1.5. If you are interested, just join the Grizzly project and subscribe...
on Mar 28, 2007
Stacy Thurston, community advocate for Sun Learning Services, has published four postings on reading the Chinese, Japanese, and Thai languages online. I'm amazed at how well he explains the basic concepts.In a separate posting, Stacy describes how to create a simple NetBeans project to make a language choice for your application. Hosted with the posting is a sample project with the related...
on Mar 28, 2007
Sure there was fluff, fluff is everywhere and TSS Java Symposium was no different. But in the end there were more code examples than SOA hand-waving and even when the so-called SOA gurus went about trying to sell you stuff, they usually backed it up (or at least tried to) with some kind of a demo which would translate through to the lowest common developer. Advertised as the most pragmatic of...
on Mar 27, 2007
Tim Bray wrote about running servlet-like JRuby scripts inside a web application and I left a comment saying "Phobos can do that". This got me thinking on how to make it easy to get people started in this model. As always, the best way is to use a running application as a starting point. Once the basic application layout and configuration are in place, all you need is a well-defined place for...
on Mar 23, 2007
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on Mar 23, 2007
If you have the opportunity to go to AjaxWorld 2007 in New York next week, and if you are interested about learning GlassFish and its Grizzly Comet Processing implementation, don't miss the two sessions on Grizzly Comet on Monday, March 19, 2007: 2h20-3h05pm: Real-World Web 2.0 Comet-Based Applications 4:40-5:25pm: Enterprise Comet - The Real-Time Web. It will be interesting for me to sit...
on Mar 16, 2007
A new article on Sun Developer Network, Running Roller Weblogger on Sun Java System Web Server 7.0, describes, step by step, the procedures involved: setup, configuration, deployment. Kudos to Seema Alevoor for contributing this article as an update to the one that she published a year ago on older releases of Roller Weblogger and Sun Java System Web Server.
on Mar 16, 2007
We just released the Sun Web Developer Pack and Phobos is one of its components, together with its client-side companion, jMaki, and a lot of other interesting stuff. Arun Gupta has all the details. I recommend checking out the RESTful web services API EA, as a preview of what you can expect from the newly approved JSR-311. We spent the last few weeks hunting down bugs in Phobos ahead of the pack...
on Mar 15, 2007
Sun Java System Web Server 7.0 Update 1 Technology Preview is now available. Of note is a new Java servlet container that supports the Java EE 5 standards, including Sun's Web Developer Pack.A blog by CVR Chintalapati, engineering manager for Sun Java System Web Server, has more details. Do check it out!
on Mar 14, 2007
In the previous blog, I announced the availability of Java Application Platform SDK. A user ( userid: claudio) asked about the differences in the various bundles. Since the question is of general interest, I decided to write this blog to explain the various bundles. Here are the various bundles that are available at the download page: Java EE 5 SDK: This bundle contains the Java EE 5...
on Mar 13, 2007