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Java Enterprise

I've been spending significant part of my time this week on HK2. After some initial work on configuring components inside HK2 and talking to Kedar who knows the current GF configuration mechanism inside out, I decided to make some serious changes to the way HK2 works internally. In the initial work, I used to load configuration directly into components. While this was faster, it prevents us...
on Jul 20, 2007
I spent a good portion of the day on HK2 (the rest went to the usual "fix bugs now! I mean NOW!" drill that we all know right before a big release.) Much of the productivity improvements in HK2 (compared to how GFv2 is done) come from the fact that HK2 comes with a Maven plugin that knows how to build a HK2 module. It's much like how Maven plugin is built by Maven, where all kinds of additional...
on Jul 16, 2007
Our team just released four JBI Components, a SIP BC, an XMPP BC, an RSS BC, and a UDDI BC . Having developed those components, we're now reaping the rewards; we're able to combine these low-level collaboration "services" to produce new and cool collaboration capabilities. Essentially, the four components together create a collaboration platform. One use for just such a platform might be a...
on Jul 12, 2007
At a live Sun Expert Exchange Forum next Tuesday, July 17, you can ask an expert panel questions online on such topics as running Windows on Sun servers, compatibility between Java technology and .NET, and Project Tango, a collaborative project on Web services. Interested? Do sign up.
on Jul 10, 2007
Project Grizzly 1.5.2 has been released and marked as beta. This release has been integrated in various products such as (to name a few) GlassFish v3, Phobos, Restlet, Shared Shell and used/tested/evaluated by companies/products like Electronic Arts, Ericsson, Foto, Hadoop, etc. What changed since 1.5.1: JRuby now supports Grizzly ARP Added SSL TCP Client support gCometd has been updated to the...
on Jul 10, 2007
This Sample Store Catalog app demonstrates the usage of JavaServer Faces, a Catalog Stateful Session Bean, the Java Persistence APIs, and Seam to implement pagination of data sets. I took this example  Pagination of Data Sets in a Sample Application using JSF, Catalog Facade Stateless Session, and Java Persistence APIs  and refactored it to use Seam on Glassfish by following the steps...
on Jul 6, 2007
Glassfish v3 is built by Maven 2, so most of the time the edit/build/debug cycle is as easy as: $ mvn -o compile$ mvn gf:run Now, when I am debugging a problem, I often want to see more detailed logs that are recorded at INFO/CONFIG/FINE/etc levels. Unfortunately, the java.util.logging package doesn't make this very easy — you'd have to write a property file, and use a system property to...
on Jun 29, 2007
This blog has moved here var gaJsHost = (("https:" == document.location.protocol) ? "https://ssl." : "http://www."); document.write(unescape("%3Cscript src='" + gaJsHost + "' type='text/javascript'%3E%3C/script%3E")); var pageTracker = _gat._getTracker("UA-3111670-3"); pageTracker._initData(); pageTracker._trackPageview();
on Jun 27, 2007
I agree with Shaun Connolly's observation that "While they [JBI and SCI] may share some similar patterns, those who pit SCA vs. JBI only demonstrate their inability to distinguish between the two perspectives". In fact, we set out to prove the assertion that: - JBI and SCA are entirely complementary. And we've made quite a bit of progress by taking an example SCA composite application /...
on Jun 27, 2007
Background This is the continuation from the previous article "Extending the NetBeans Tutorial JSF-JPA-Hibernate Application, Part 2 - Enabling JMX Monitoring on Hibernate v3 and Ehcache 1.3, on HibernateTutorialApp" where we continue with (3) and (4) of the following : Configuring HibernateTutorialApp/HibernateTravelPOJO to use Ehcache 1.3.0 Configuring HibernateTutorialApp/...
on Jun 27, 2007
A few months ago I created the revolver as a weekend project to provide an alternative way of providing top level navigation on your web size. I thought I would share this with everyone as a jMaki widget. .arrowRight { background: url( top right;width:40px; height:30px;background-repeat: no-repeat;cursor:pointer;position : absolute } ....
on Jun 24, 2007
Newly available is Sun Java System Web Server 7.0 Update 1, which boasts performance enhancements and support for Servlets 2.5, JavaServer Pages 2.1, JavaServer Faces 1.2, the Java SE 5 and 6 platforms, and the NetBeans 5.0, 5.5, and 5.5.1 IDE. Sun Java System Web Server 7.0 now serves numerous sites, notably, as described in this posting. Way to go!
on Jun 22, 2007
Before you "host" your module on a server for others to download, it would be wise to test it out yourself. This blog describes how you can test your update center module locally on your GlassFish container through the updatetool client. Hopefully you already know how to create and package your update center module. Here's what you do to "host" the module on your local running instance of...
on Jun 20, 2007
Grizzly 1.5.1 has just been released and a couple of blogs has been popping recently: Connection Management/Cache in Grizzly 1.5 by Oleksiy Multi Selector Threads in Grizzly by Oleksiy Using Grizzly to create a simple HTTP listener by James This is cool...and from the Grizzly mailing list, a couple might pop up soon :-)
on Jun 20, 2007
Pagination of Data Sets in a Sample Application using JSF, Spring 2.0, and Java Persistence APIs on Glassfish This Sample Store Catalog app demonstrates the usage of JavaServer Faces, the new Java Persistence APIs, and Spring 2.0 to implement pagination. I took this example  Pagination of Data Sets in a Sample Application using JSF, Catalog Facade Stateless Session, and Java Persistence...
on Jun 19, 2007
Software development techniques and processes are changing at ever faster rates as open collaboration development spreads globally (thanks to the adoption and promotion of open source software). As the systems we architect and implement become increasingly complex, the mechanisms, infrastructure and patterns with which we build the complex systems constantly improve to keep the problems...
on Jun 14, 2007
Believe it or not, I managed to write an article about something other than JavaServer Faces. IBM developerWorks has just posted my article "Write and deploy portlets to Apache Geronimo with Apache Pluto". Geronimo is a pretty impressive application server, and you can use it with Pluto (the portlet API reference implementation) if you're willing to do a little tweaking. This article shows how…
on Jun 12, 2007
With little effort I was able to get up and running with Google Gears very easily and integrate it with other jMaki components as an extension. Here is what I did to use the local Google database. Using the latest jMaki .9.3 I added the following to my config.json file: {  'config': {    'version': '.9',    'glue' : {...
on Jun 11, 2007
Enrique Rodriguez Lasterra has started blogging on Comet (here and here). If you are planning to start implementing Comet in your application, take a look at his blog. It's in Spanish, but event myself I was able to understand it :-).....time to go to Spain and increase the red spot in order to beat the one from Brazil! Who will win, Brazil or Spain? technorati: grizzly comet ajax glassfish
on Jun 11, 2007
Project Grizzly 1.5.1 has been released and marked as alpha. The reason for marking the release as alpha is mostly because we have made a lot of additions since 1.5.0 and would like to ask the community to test it. We recently got a lot of good feedback and would like to make sure every user of Grizzly can test with 1.5.1 and vote for our upcoming release, targeted as stable. Personnaly I...
on Jun 8, 2007