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Java Enterprise

The Project Grizzly team is proud to announce the immediate availability of Grizzly 1.5.0 beta. This build is our first community release and it is the results of severals public reviews. This release contains the following components: Grizzly Framework: The root of all NIO based Project Grizzly HTTP based server: A tiny/embeddable web server Grizzly HTTP utils: http protocol utils classes...
on May 4, 2007
JavaOne 2007 is right around the corner, and I am participating in two sessions there. The first one is based on my work at my previous employer, Sun Microsystems. This session will present tips and tricks on using Java EE 5, and is patterned after the popular Java Puzzler sessions by Josh Bloch. My other session is related to using Google Checkout API in Java applications. In this session, we...
on May 2, 2007
JavaServer Faces 1.2 includes support for Resource Injection and annotations such as @PostConstruct and @PreDestroy. Coming from action frameworks, these 'implicit' hooks make composite presentations a bit easier to pull together, even in the stateless HTTP GET case. JavaServer Faces currently has a couple great frameworks that extend application coordination and ease development. Since not...
on May 1, 2007
GlassFish V2 is a production-ready, open-source Java EE 5 application server currently in beta. V2 provides features like clustering, high availability (HA), load balancing, Microsoft Interoperability with Web Services Interoperability Technology (WSIT), great price/performance, next-generation Web with Ajax, Scripting and RESTful web services, NetBeans IDE integration, SOA support through Java...
on May 1, 2007
This blog is on a personal note. After being at Sun for 10 years, I have now left Sun and joined Google. I am currently working on Google Checkout, Google's solution to make online shopping faster, safer and convenient. If you have ideas on how to achieve these goals better, share them as comments to this blog. When I joined Sun, it was my dream company in regards to the culture and the quality...
on Apr 29, 2007
The DOJO Foundation updated the Bayeux Protocol Specifications (0.1Draft5). Great work Greg! Time to read it and update gCometd! If you are interested to contribute and help on the Grizzly's implementation of the Bayeux protocol, join the Grizzly project and look at 'module/cometd' sub-project. The Grizzly community will soon announce its first 1.5.0 release. Comet lovers are welcome! technorati...
on Apr 27, 2007
The jMaki team has been hard at work re-working jMaki into the .9.x series which now supports all of the intended 1.0 features. At JavaOne we plan to offer a release candidate. If you don't want to wait you can try out the samples from the download page. We only plan on fixing issues so you can use what is there today. JavaOne Sessions and BOFs TS-9516 Using jMaki in a Visual Development...
on Apr 26, 2007
You can distribute a Java EE application client for download by users, who can then immediately run it—hassle free. How? Read this four-part article: Java Web Start Technology and Application Clients in the GlassFish Application Server by Tim Quinn and Rick Palkovic at Sun. From background concepts to customization to security to advanced topics, the article eloquently steers you through...
on Apr 26, 2007
Grizzly 1.0.15 is now available and contains the new NotificationHandler mechanism for Comet/Cometd. It also contains small bug fixes. Grizzly 1.0.x release will comes less frequently as we are moving to our first 1.5.0 release (which include the result of our community architectural review). technorati: grizzly nio
on Apr 25, 2007
Here is a summary of Grizzly related talks at JavaOne this year BOF-4989: Embedding the Grizzly Framework with Jerome Dochez. We will discuss how Grizzly can be easily embedded and talk about GlassFish v3 'micro-kernel' based on Grizzly. [Tuesday, May 08 10:00 PM - 10:50 PM] TS-2992: Tricks and Tips with NIO, Using the Grizzly Framework with Charlie Hunt and Scott Oaks. We will talk about what...
on Apr 24, 2007
I don't like being a speaker at JavaOne. Why? Because every year I'm suffering the same problem, which is.....the microphone are locked on the podium. Hence, if you want to move, you can't. You have to stay and speak like a politician for your entire presentation, without moving or even pointing directly the screen, because only the first couple of rows will understand you. To make things worse,...
on Apr 23, 2007
New on Sun Developer Network is an overview by Tom Mueller, lead architect for Sun Java System Portal Server: Creating Web 2.0-Enabled Communities With Sun Java System Portal Server. In simple terms, Tom highlights Sun Java System Portal Server's capabilities in aggregating content, in enabling users to build communities, and in fostering participation by users. An enlightening read.
on Apr 23, 2007
On Wednesday I did a presentation on "Scripting and the Java Platform" at the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco. Yesterday I put the slides (PDF) online. In my talk, I went over three key components: Phobos (the server-side framework and development environment), jMaki (the client side über-framework) and GlassFish v3 (the server platform). I demoed all three of them, and I'm glad to report that, as...
on Apr 20, 2007
In the week of April 30-May 4 is another Ask the Experts session, this one on Web Services Interoperability Technology (WSIT) ("a bridge between Java and .NET services") and Project Tango (enablement of "interoperability between the Java platform and Windows Communication Foundation"). You can post questions during that week, to be answered by technical experts Harold Carr, Arun...
on Apr 20, 2007
Ouf. My trip in Brazil has been extremely cool! Thanks to the peoples here, I was able to give talks on GlassFish, Grizzly and Comet in three different cities (Porto Alegre, Brazilia and Salvador). My last talk yesterday about Web 2.0, Comet and Grizzly was really interesting as the majority of listeners weren’t speaking English. Hence a 'real time' translator was translating my bad English to...
on Apr 20, 2007
If your application needs a "Hash Table" type of structure you have several options. One is to use the java.util.Hashtable. In a multithreaded environment it would be safe, but not very efficient. If you have a couple of threads that want to read from the hash table, they will have to wait for each other. This wait is not necessary. There is no problem having multiple threads reading a structure...
on Apr 17, 2007
Após diversas palestras em Brasília, o GlassFish e seu amigo Grizzly estão indo para São Paulo, para o Sun Tech Days. Mas espere! O ágil Grizzly levará também o GlassFish à Salvador para uma palestra no mesmo dia! Isso é o que nós chamamos de escalabilidade :-) . Esta será a sua última aparição antes de voltar para sua fria e nevada casa.... até o JavaOne!
on Apr 17, 2007
My adventures at FISL 8.0 continue....On Friday, IBM didn't showed up for their Web 2.0 talk and guess who was asked to replace them? With 10 minutes notification, I didn't have a single minute to stress or think. Charlie and I jumped to a crowded room and talked about GlassFish, SWDP and Grizzly Comet. Since Comet is fairly new, we spend a fair amount of time explaning what it is and how to use...
on Apr 16, 2007
This week is the week! I'm in Brazil for the 8th International Free Software Forum. This conference on open source projects is really interesting and a lot of folks are attempting the conference (~ 5000). My first day was a 'discussions day' and didn't have a single minute to attempt talks! I was around the Sun boot talking about GlassFish, Grizzly and GlassFish's Comet implementation. It is...
on Apr 13, 2007
In her new article on SDN, Integrating NetBeans IDE Profiler With Sun Java System Web Server 7.0, Sun engineer Yamini Balasubramanyam describes the benefits of performing profiling tasks with the Profiler in the NetBeans IDE and introduces the GUI before explaining the integration procedure with screen shots and example output. What a useful resource! Good job, Yamini.
on Apr 10, 2007