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Open JDK

I'm drawing on several threads of thinking in several presentations and conversations this week at JavaOne, and am thinking the Java Community Process (JCP) no longer serves the needs of the Java ecosystem. I'm not the first to say this, not the last, but here's a few thoughts anyway. Sun (soon Oracle) is the owner and for the process to work out well the owner has to be enlightened enough to...
on Jun 4, 2009
The JavaOne opening keynote is still a fancy rock & roll show with fancy stage and the like. It's always exciting to see what they have to say, and they do a good job of spinning a story that Java is Everywhere. The overall message is to convince developers that the Java platform is compelling, that Sun is providing this compelling ecosystem for developing applications, and that the...
on Jun 2, 2009
Just a reminder to those of you a) attending JavaOne, b) interested in porting OpenJDK to other platforms, we have a BOF on thursday night. Please attend. The agenda is to simply bring the right people into the room and chat. Please attend.
on Jun 2, 2009
I am attending JavaOne and will be posting a series of blog's about each session I attend.
on Jun 2, 2009
You update your JDK frequently to get the latest and greatest...but did you know about VisualVM. It may be one of the best kept secrets in the JDK. But now you know too! The VisualVM application gives you visual insight into your application's use of resources: heap, threads, memory, CPU usage, and more. This is a profiling tool that you might consider paying for, but you won't -- it's free, and...
on May 28, 2009
With synergetic effort with Roman and Mario we've achieved the stage when the evaluation of the OpenJDK Challenge Award winner became possible. Recently I tried the TCK suite against the Caciocavallo binaries on Linux with that x11 back-end. And there are some results. :) Want to learn more? Join us on the BOF-4743 !
on May 22, 2009
The UTF-8 encoding is easy to abuse in some ways. Or rather, sometimes people use it in unexpected ways. Recently the Java platform received an update to reject one malformed UTF-8 encoding sequence called non-shortest form. You can learn more about this fix and its implications for you in the article Overhauling the Java UTF-8 Charset.
on May 21, 2009
It seems that lot of people don't notice that there is a roadmap for jdk7. R
on May 4, 2009
So, hmm, Oracle+Sun. Interesting twist from the IBM+Sun matchup earlier. There has been numerous rumors over the years about SUN+xyzzy mergers such as Fujitsu, IBM, SGI, Apple, etc. And it's finally come to Oracle. It seems there's a lot of scratching of heads over what this will mean for the open source software projects run by Sun, and of course the back of my mind has been pondering the...
on Apr 26, 2009
invokedynamic (at least the main parts) now lives in JDK 7 ! You haven't perhaps notice it but John pushes the first patches from the Da Vinci Machine project to the hotspot workspace. Method Handle support (meth):   Invokedynamic support (indy):
on Apr 25, 2009
I've been gone from Sun for a little while now but of course I'm still interested in Java, and thankfully still have access to this blog. Anyway the recent news about IBM pondering buying Sun has piqued my interest. To me the potential hookup seems like a bad idea. Sun plays a useful role in the computer industry as an independent company, that would be lost if woven into IBM. And the...
on Apr 4, 2009
One swallow does not a summer make, this entry will be in english and in french. In french we have a nice idiomatic expression "franglais" (frenglish ?) for that. I will be at FOSDEM'09, like last year and the year before. This year i will do a talk about the current status JSR292. What are the proposed changes (at the time of the talk :) to the JVM spec ? how they can be/are...
on Feb 3, 2009
I'm listening to the 'holidays 2008ish' episode of Javaposse and in reviewing their last years predictions they have enough fumbling around the status of OpenJDK that I want to do a little bit of explaining. OpenJDK 6 != JDK 6 There are circuitous historical reasons for this but the fact is that OpenJDK 6, as good as it is, does not correspond to JDK 6uN for any value of N. OpenJDK 6 began as a...
on Jan 5, 2009
John Rose (JSR 292 spec leader) recently push a great patch that enables support for method handles inside the VM. A java.dyn.MethodHandle is a safe object that stands for a function pointer but unlike a function pointer, calling a method handle with wrong arguments raise an exception. The aim of method handles (with invokedynamic) is to ease the support of dynamic languages by...
on Jan 2, 2009
The OpenJDK compiler grammar project provides a way to use a ANTLR parser as front end of javac. As you perhaps already now, I am one of the core developers of Tatoo, an inovative LR parser generator. In order to demonstrate that Tatoo is a great parser generator tool, let's do the same. Here is JLS 1.0 grammar taken by Tatoo as input: jls.ebnf (things between curly braces are...
on Dec 7, 2008
I've mentioned in the past that one of the new features in version 2.0 of the JMX API is "client contexts", which will allow a client to communicate context information to a server, and a server to adjust its behaviour accordingly. The most obvious example is locale, where for example the client says that it is in the French locale and the server translates its messages and...
on Dec 5, 2008
I just got back from the JavaFX launch event in San Francisco. It was just a few blocks from my office, so I figured, why not? Jonathan Schwartz was presenting, as well as the VP in charge of Java (I forget his name), and the had a pretty impressive set of demos. There were also demos being presented by Sun folks and a few partners. I spoke for a while with Jeff Martin, from a small shop...
on Dec 4, 2008
I've been toying with doing a blog or podcast aggregator with JavaFX. I have a feeling that the strengths of JavaFX, animation, graphics, media, etc, could be put to good use in such an app. Additionally most podcasters put little player widgets on their site, and JavaFX could offer an alternative to the flash based player widgets. While that's the vision I'm chasing I'm nowhere near there,...
on Dec 4, 2008
You can view the updated site, launch videos, sample apps, and more, at .. well .. when the server comes back up, it's having a little bit of trouble at this moment. Anyway, I want to post a few thoughts.. This is a big deal in some ways in that it is a radical departure from the past image Java has carried. Graphics and animation and media, oh my. Somewhere I heard this phrase This...
on Dec 4, 2008
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on Nov 25, 2008