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Open JDK

The Bloody Bat and Fixing Regressions First I'm going to tell a little story about the bloody bat, then I'll explain what it has to do with Regressions in the JDK (if you haven't heard about the Mustang JDK Regression Challenge, go to For those of you with children, and especially female children this story may strike a cord. If your female...
on Feb 1, 2006
I just saw the page It has some good detail on using JNI on Linux.
on Jan 31, 2006
It is my pleasure to announce an exciting contest which offers you an opportunity to affect Java quality.  To sweeten the pot we have some valuable prizes.  In this contest we are saying: Find a regression, and we'll fix it We are challenging you, the Java developer community, to find functional regressions between J2SE 5.0 (Tiger) and Java SE 6 (Mustang).  The contest runs from...
on Jan 31, 2006
This is the second blog in a series on architecting applications. In the first blog I discussed the application I'm going to develop, how it would be architected, and briefly went over the model. In this second article I'll motivate the need for an Application class that is suitable for typical Swing based Apps, as well as the functionality it should provide. Swing is...
on Jan 30, 2006
Kirk Pepperdine, guru of Java performance, recently praised Sun and the Java team for their open bug database and questioned the labelling of enhancements as 'bugs'. At the same time, someone at Sun made a tough decision to slip JDK 6.0. Personally I thought the schedule was never going to fit, it has been a tough time for engineers at Sun and google is a tempting new home for many, so I applaud...
on Jan 25, 2006
As Ray Gans noted, the Mustang Beta release is coming up soon.  Current plans are to have two beta periods and to ship the final release in the Autumn. As I noted last week, we very much want to know about bugs and regressions that we find.  As I said, we do a lot of testing all through the Java organization.  But no matter how much we test there's a crucial test that we cannot do...
on Jan 25, 2006
Roadmap for Mustang Sun began the Mustang project (Java SE 6) on over a year ago when we started releasing weekly binary and source snapshots that included bug fixes and minor enhancements to Tiger (Java SE 5). Over time we've introduced major features described by new and existing JSRs that are part of the Mustang release. For those of you who have been watching the blogs, articles,...
on Jan 24, 2006
Daniel Fuchs summarizes the resources available to people with questions about JMX technology. Foremost among these is the JMX-FORUM mailing list. There are over 1000 subscribers, so chances are someone will have an answer for your question! If your question is sensitive or you are shy, feel free to drop me a line, eamonn dot mcmanus at sun dot com.
on Jan 20, 2006
The JMX plugin for NetBeans has graduated from version 0.x to version 1.0. It's now available from the main NetBeans Update Center, rather than the Update Center Beta as before. My colleague Jean-Fran
on Jan 20, 2006
Today I want to talk about something I've been thinking about a lot lately. I work in the Java SE Quality Engineering team. We do a lot of the testing that goes into ensuring the quality of Sun's Java. We see the new features in Java before anybody else does. As one of my colleagues says "we are the first customers of Java". Our job is to create "functional" test suites for new features in...
on Jan 19, 2006
While in Russia (see Shannon's blog) I wrote a long blog on undo, actions and various other things. At the time I felt this a bit long for a blog and so it languishes in my unposted blog queue (with many others, but that's a different story). I really liked the idea of writing a series of blogs centered around a real app though, hence this blog and hopefully more to follow. As part of the series...
on Jan 18, 2006
It seems to me that many issues that come up in Java stem from the "I don't want to have to recompile my code" argument. All kinds of design decisions stem from it too. We end up with systems that are written in two or more languages. What I mean is that we usually end up with a mix of Java code, properties files, xml files and other stuff. The properties files and xml files can be viewed as...
on Jan 17, 2006
Romain Guy has written a blog entry about SwingUtilities2, and I find it a little confusing because in one paragraph he's suggesting the reader to use this class, and in the next he is saying to steer clear of it. Maybe he's quoting someone else and didn't make that clear? In any case, Sun ships in our JDK a whole lotta private classes. It's relatively easy to dig around and find interesting...
on Jan 14, 2006
I have been using Generics now for almost a year now and have found a love/hate relationship with them. My introduction to what Generics would do to you was when I compile a project with a UniqueList utility class I have been using for years now. This is a simple extension to the ArrayList which does not allow duplicates, nulls and keeps them in order. I really like this class because it is easy...
on Jan 12, 2006
After coming out of holiday hibernation, Sun shows signs of integrating the bug fix I contributed late last month. I received an email thanking me for the fix. Brief, but containing everything I wanted to know, the email is below: Thank you for the suggested fix.I am working on getting the fix integrated into mustang b68.Thanks,  xxxx So far so good. Yes, I've heard that responses can be...
on Jan 10, 2006
I saw this question Solaris vs FreeBSD: Why Sun never make Java on FreeBSD and thought to say a couple things. Note that I am not involved with the management decisions around this, and don't know the reasons why Sun doesn't ship the JDK for FreeBSD. But what I see is that Frans Thamura's blog posting ascribes conspiratorial schemings on Sun that probably aren't accurate. One thing is that Java...
on Jan 9, 2006
I've added a few clarifying comments in italics below. Using the JavaTM Native Interface (JNI) is not something many Java programmers have to deal with, but when you do, you need to know something about native applications. Whether it's Windows, linux, or Solaris, each native platform and sometimes native compiler or even the release of the native compiler has slightly different issues, so I...
on Jan 9, 2006
Java is the programming language of the year according to the Tiobe index Although the index is purely an quantitative web based count of activity , it does also mean it is free from any editorial or company bias. The award is quite unusual as it measures the percentage growth. So that means even if you are bottom of the class you have a chance to win. If you are...
on Jan 9, 2006
How would you go about using the JMX API to instrument AWT events? What would it gain you? My colleague Jean-Fran
on Dec 29, 2005
After so long anticipating this moment, after the deed is done, I feel like it was too easy. I'm definitely experiencing an anticlimax. I submitted the following from the "Submit a fix" button located on the collaborator page. Remember, you have to follow the steps to get contributor/collaborator status. Here's my submission for the javadoc bug for JTextComponent's getDisabledTextColor method:...
on Dec 22, 2005