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Open JDK

We are pleased to announce the winners of the Mustang Regressions Challenge. From January 30 through March 31, 2006, we sponsored a challenge asking the public to test Java 6 (a.k.a. Mustang) and tell us about any regression bugs that were found. The specifics can be found further down this page. There are five winners in this contest, each of which are receiving an Ultra 20 workstation....
on Apr 26, 2006
I was talking with some colleagues the other day, and between discussing the technical issues we were meeting about we also talked about activities we do in our "spare time". One of them described these activities as "garbage collection". Wow, what a concept. Here's a few thoughts on harmonizing (or garbage collecting) ones life I've gleaned from 13 years studying various spiritual practices....
on Apr 14, 2006
After quite some screaming and kicking (see my previous blog) my fix for bug ##6212146 made it into Mustang build #78. For a change I do not want to bitch about anything but congratulate Sun for all the progress they made in the Peabody endeavor. Any community project in a big company is difficult especially when so much is at stack as in Java and lawyers tend to be the problem as well as the...
on Apr 5, 2006
If you haven't filed your regression in the contest, you're almost out of time. See here.
on Mar 30, 2006
I came across this article Former Sun Exec Calls for Firm to Open-Source Java which is repeating yet another in the series of calls for Sun to open source our Java implementation. The article itself is examining a blog posting by Peter Yared, An Open Letter to Jonathan Schwartz. I absolutely cannot comment on the call for open sourcing Sun's Java implementation, so I won't. However there is a...
on Mar 30, 2006
The JSRs that define the JMX API are being updated through the Java Community Process. JSR 3, which defines the original JMX API, is undergoing its third Maintenance Review. JSR 160, which defines the JMX Remote API, is undergoing its first Maintenance Review. So what's that all about? The situation is that these specs are being updated in Java SE 6, code-named "Mustang". Formal Java...
on Mar 28, 2006
There was an interesting discussion thread on javalobby last week: Poll: Delay Mustang in favor of more fixes? ... I think the discussion added a lot of value to the discussion around Java and especially the in-progress Mustang release. I wanted to focus on one statement that really stands out to me as the project leader for the Mustang Regression contest: "Sun appears commited to fixing any/...
on Mar 25, 2006
Just a quick note - the Mustang Regression Challenge is winding down. The deadline for entry is March 31, 2006 at midnight. So far we have received 44 entries, some of which have already resulted in fixes being made. The more regressions you find, the more issues we will have fixed before Mustang is finalized, and the better Mustang will be in the end. Well, that's the theory anyway.
on Mar 15, 2006
Luis-Miguel Alventosa from Sun's JMX Technology team will be presenting Monitoring and Management in Java SE 5.0 at Java Expo '06 in Madrid, on Tuesday the 21st of March. The event as a whole is from Tuesday to Thursday (the 23rd). Luis-Miguel is based here in Grenoble, France with the rest of the JMX team, but he's Spanish and will be presenting in Spanish.
on Mar 9, 2006
Yesterday Ray Gan blogged about the JDK Community listing some of the facts about the Peabody project. If you never heard about that project then you are not alone and I only now about it because Joshua Marinacci gave a presentation about it at the LA-JUG last year. But even without knowing about the Peabody project is became a JDK contributor last year in November and started to code a fix for...
on Mar 8, 2006
It's been almost a year now since we started the JDK Community on and I'd like to give a well deserved "Thank You!" to all of you who have participated and visited the site. As part of this thanks, I'd like to provide an update to where we stand and where we're going. I also want to invite anyone who is interested to take our survey to help us know what were doing right and where we can...
on Mar 7, 2006
This is the third blog in a series on architecting applications. In the first blog I discussed the application I'm going to develop, how it would be architected, and briefly went over the model. In the second blog I motivated the need for an Application class that is suitable for typical Swing based Apps, as well as the functionality it should provide. In this third installment I'll go over the...
on Mar 6, 2006
I'm listening to JavaPosse #37 which is part 2 of their interview with Bruce Eckel. The interview is highly interesting and I highly recommend it. This is my first exposure to this guy, and it's clear he knows his stuff and is very articulate. Must be why his books are popular. There's a thread in what he's saying that I want to respond to. Namely that a Good Language is one which makes it...
on Mar 4, 2006
The other day I made a blog posting concerning Bendy classes and dynamic programming, discussing a meme I'm seeing in developer blogging. That idea is there are various dynamic or scripting oriented languages which make it easy to write quick programs with loose binding (there are probably other benefits to those languages). Supposedly Java is a dinosaur with its rigid binding, compile time...
on Mar 3, 2006
Mustang, a.k.a. Java SE 6, is getting ready to bolt out of its corral. We've done a lot of good things in Mustang. There's a recent article published on giving an overview of changes in Mustang, plus we've published the official docs which you can browse. There's one new feature that I want to talk about today, and that's the support for scripting languages in Java. I have some...
on Feb 28, 2006
Jack Herrington has published this article: Going dynamic with PHP claiming to show some things PHP can do which Java can't. Okaaaay... This is another of the articles in the meme that dynamic languages are great, and rigid languages are uncomfortable. I don't know if I got the analogy right this time, let me know please? The problem he poses is about implementing the database interface...
on Feb 22, 2006
Three weeks ago I launched the Mustang Regression Contest. The grand prizes are five Ultra 20 workstations, which are to be awarded for the "best" regressions submitted during the contest. The other day Ray Gans and I brought them from the a storeroom in the Menlo Park campus to one in the Santa Clara campus. So while moving them I thought to post a picture to show you guys what you're...
on Feb 21, 2006
These Are Some of my Favorite [Mustang] Things is a listing by Chet Haase of improvements in Swing, Java2D and AWT.  Makes for a good read. 
on Feb 19, 2006
Weiqi Gao has a blog posting with early impressions on Mustang, a.k.a. Java SE 6. In all it's very positive talking about several applications he tried which worked fine. He talks a little about the adoption rate for Java 1.5 (a.k.a. Tiger), and says "I have a feeling that the lack of a 5.1 version has really hurt the adoption of JDK 5". I want to mention that, what would have been "5.1" are...
on Feb 18, 2006
As this effort appears to be a duplication of effort with Mark Reinhold's Mustang Beta Blog Carnival blog I have removed the content and refer the readers to his blog at
on Feb 16, 2006