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Blogs by Community: Java Web Services and XML

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Java Web Services and XML

The JAX-WS 2.0 CVS repository is now active on JAX-WS 2.0 was formerly known as JAX-RPC 2.0. For more information on this rename, please read my previous blog. JAX-WS will now be fully developed using a CVS repository in the jax-ws-sources project. You can get access to this project and repository by going the the JAX-RPC project page and following the links under the Message from...
on May 26, 2005
JAX-RPC 2.0 (Java API for XML Based RPC) has been renamed to JAX-WS 2.0 (Java API for XML Web Services). This was done for a number of reasons, but the main reasons are: The JAX-RPC name is misleading, developers assume that all JAX-RPC is about is just RPC, not Web Services. By renaming JAX-RPC to JAX-WS we can eliminate this confusion. JAX-RPC 2.0 uses JAXB for all databinding. This has...
on May 24, 2005
Found a nice and crisp article , by Frank Sommerers, on how to write a Web service using JAX-RPC 2.0 EA. This blends well with the JAX-RPC 2.0 EA Users Guide.
on May 24, 2005
If a WSDL 1.1 document has two operations in a portType, how to apply different security requirements to them ? The uninteresting cases are when there is no security applied to the message body or the message body is only signed. In both the above cases, you can peek into the message body and figure out what is the exact method being invoked on the service endpoint and thus match the security...
on May 24, 2005
Indigo Beta1 RC is now available. Quite a short ride for CTP, March 2005 - May 2005. I'm glad it mentions the supported visual studio tool set at the main page itself, this was quite a pain during CTP. WinFX SDK will be updated in a day or so and online docs in a week or so. I hope to tinker with it this week and post my experiences later.
on May 23, 2005
Big Brother, a screenshot client + webservice The last year or so has seen a lot of growth for Java on the Desktop. The peformance, features, and deployment story is getting a lot better, but to what end? So we have a killer platform that lets you build cool desktop applications. So what? What can you do with it? More importantly, what can you do with it that you can't do (or can't do as easily)...
on May 17, 2005
Step 1: Download The first thing I did was to download the MathML schema into my local disk. You can compile a remote schema by running XJC like: $ <i>-proxy</i> But when you are going to compile schemas multiple times, it's often easier to first download them locally. Sometimes this ends up in...
on May 16, 2005
In part 1 of the series, I gave a short tutorial on Indigo bindings. In this entry, I'll describe Indigo Duplex bindings and related code sample. Indigo Duplex Binding enables bi-directional communication between a service and client. The steps in Indigo documentation are scattered unless I look at the Duplex Contract sample. In this entry I'm listing all the steps and tried explaining my...
on May 16, 2005
Kirill provided some good troubleshooting tips for Indigo.
on May 13, 2005
I find it surprising that even for BasicProfileBinding, which is supposed to interoperate with WS-I Basic Profile compliant Web services, the simple data types are from "" namespace instead of the standard XML Schema "". For instance, here is how a complexType with a primitive "string...
on May 13, 2005
Previous articles (starting from Indigo installation to getting a simple "Hello World" client/service working) in this series can be read here: Indigo Installation Blues Resolved the Indigo installation error Indigo client: Channel not found error Indigo client now working Going forward, I plan to dig into different Indigo concepts and provide my understanding of them. Indigo separates out the...
on May 13, 2005
Tom Koulopoulos was the keynote speaker at a conference that I attended last week. He's a really bright guy and a very entertaining speaker (or at least I think so). Tom covered a wide range of topics, one of which was in dealing with uncertainty. He began with a question to the audience: "What are some games that involve uncertainty?" Audience members tossed out three examples: Dice Cards...
on May 9, 2005
Phew, finally I could get an Indigo client to invoke an Indigo Web service. Here is the client code that worked: using System;class HelloClient {  public static void Main() {    HelloServiceProxy myProxy = new HelloServiceProxy(                         ...
on May 3, 2005
Now that my Indigo Web service is correctly deployed, I tried importing the metadata and generate a client proxy. I tried the following command: "c:\Program Files\Microsoft IndigoPreview\SvcUtil.exe" /config http://localhost/gettingstarted/HelloService/mex but it gave an error: Generating files...E:\arung\indigo\client\outputError: Unable to save config to file 'E:\arung\indigo\...
on May 2, 2005
Searching through Microsoft's newsgroup I was very thrilled to see that atleast one more person faced the exact problem I reported earlier. Additional (read more updated) release notes for Indigo are available as well. Scroll to the bottom of the page and there are links to winfx newsgroups, Web-based Indigo newsgroup can be accessed here. There are responses from Indigo team in the newsgroup,...
on May 2, 2005
W3C WS-Addressing WG met F2F in Sunnyvale last week. Fujitsu graciously offered a conference room in one of the their buildings (they offered free lunch too :). Minutes are posted to the public-ws-addressing list. Paul Downey posted some photographs from the F2F.
on Apr 27, 2005
BEA, IBM, Microsoft and TIBCO Software announced a week ago that they will Submit Web Services ReliableMessaging (WS-RM) Specification to OASIS for standardization. This effort is supported by a wide range of companies and organizations, including Sun. The co-authors proposed a new technical committee and charter for standardization of WS-RM. OASIS will have to figure out what do with WSRM, an...
on Apr 26, 2005
The JAX-RPC 2.0 SI has been re-architectured since 1.1. The new architecture will make it easier to add new capabilities in the future. The new architecture allows for: Multiple Transports  - EA currently supports HTTPMultiple Encodings  - EA supports XML as text.  - The next EA will include MTOM/XOP and Fast InfosetMultiple Protocols  - EA supports SOAP 1.1  - The next...
on Apr 26, 2005
JAX-RPC 2.0 EA was released few days ago and was supported only on Sun Java System App Server 8.1 container. This blog tells you how to install JAX-RPC 2.0 EA over JWSDP 1.5. The main advantage of being able to install over an existing JWSDP 1.5 installation is that you can alternatively use Tomcat as your container, in addition to Sun's Application Server. Theoretically, you should get support...
on Apr 26, 2005
Theres a lot of hype surrounding Ajax on developer's blogs right now. As with most new technologies, there is an initial period of frantic usage as people grapple with the new toy, but eventually some patterns and best practices appear which simplify the use of the technology and make it easier for developers to leverage without creating projects that become a nightmare to maintain. Ajax...
on Apr 23, 2005