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Blogs by Community: Java Web Services and XML

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Java Web Services and XML

A jax-ws-architecture-document project has been created on This project hosts the architecture document for the JAX-WS RI. The architecture document includes various diagrams and JavaDocs to describe the inner workings of the RI for both the tools and the runtime.
on Dec 6, 2005
Several of us have started a new group blog (using roller 2 at BSC) to highlight interesting news from around the GlassFish community. We are all Sun employees but we will highlight all sorts of news related to the community; things like events, new features, milestones, community developers, success stories, partners, etc. Most of us have additional individual blogs and we will continue to use...
on Dec 1, 2005
A key design decision when creating an application that has to process large amounts of XML data is whether to use an API that supports random access or not. APIs that only offer sequential access to the XML data (i.e., the XML infoset) are referred to as "streaming APIs". If an application does require random access to the infoset, two of the most popular options are the use of a DOM API (such...
on Dec 1, 2005
Although it drizzled in Seattle most of last week, but Sun was prominent at least in one corner. 5 of us (Harold, Vivek, Mike, Manveen and myself) from Sun Microsystems attended the Microsoft hosted plugfest last week. This is part of Sun's effort to improve interoperability between Java and Microsoft's Windows Communication Foundation or WCF (a.k.a. Indigo). Indigo is Microsoft's Web services...
on Nov 16, 2005
An article that I cowrote with Rico Cruz, a Sun Java Studio Enterprise engineer, just came off the press: Accessing Web Services. It shows you how to build J2EE Web-service clients with Sun Java Studio Enterprise 8 in order to communicate with Web services. The example cited calls Currency Exchange Rate, a public Web service on me, Rico is Mr. Web Service. I hope we'll...
on Nov 10, 2005
The wsimport tool of JAX-WS has added a -p option. This option is used to specify the package that the generated artifacts should be generated into. This option eliminates the need to write a customization to do the same task. For example, two customization files to specify that the package for a WSDL would be similar to the following: custSchema - customizes the package that generated...
on Nov 9, 2005
Sun plans to implement the WS-* specifications that will greatly improve interoperability with .Net and the Windows Communication Framework (WCF/Indigo). The implementation of these specifications will be built on top of JAX-WS. You can read the press release from Sun about this at: JAX-WS has been feature complete for a...
on Nov 7, 2005
A new JAX-WS project has been created on This project is for the reference implementation of JSR 224 that Java API for XML Web Services. Originally JAX-WS 2.0 was named JAX-RPC 2.0 and was part of the JAX-RPC project. Even after JAX-RPC 2.0 was renamed to JAX-WS 2.0 (see my blog) the two projects continued to share the JAX-RPC project. To clarify that these are in fact two...
on Nov 3, 2005
Another article that I published this week, Remote Management of Application-Server Domains, also cowritten with Sun senior staff engineer Mark Basler, shows you how to manage a domain of application-server instances. The trick is to export the hierarchy of the J2EE Management Model. Step by step, the article describes the configurations, security permissions for the Web module, and the procedure...
on Oct 26, 2005
The JAX-WS 2.0 Proposed Final Draft (JSR 224) is now available on the JCP website JSR 224 PFD. It can also be viewed from the JAX-WS project on under the specification link. From this page you can also download the JavaDocs for the APIs as well as the source code.
on Oct 19, 2005
Ken Hofsass enabled the JAX-WSA 1.0 RI weekly builds here. We will soon be adding samples for you to play. Technorati: Web Services jaxwsa WSAddressing
on Oct 17, 2005
Different Output Media The most basic notion of the marshalling is to take a JAXB-bound object that has @XmlRootElement, and write it out as a whole XML document. So perhaps you have a class like this: @XmlRootElementclass Point {  @XmlElement  public int x;  @XmlElement  public int y;  Point(...) { ... }} Then you can do: marshaller.marshal( new Point(1,3), System.out...
on Oct 13, 2005
JAX-WSA (Java API for XML Web Services Addressing) Early Draft 1 specification, zipped javadocs and online javadocs are now available. This is a work of JSR 261 Expert Group that is chartered to define APIs and a framework to support transport-neutral addressing of Web services. Please visit for regular updates. Technorati: Web Services jaxwsa WSAddressing
on Oct 12, 2005
JSR 222 Expert Group has published the JAXB 2.0 Proposed Final Draft and can be donwloaded from Please let us know your feedback.
on Oct 7, 2005
Many XML parser APIs accept InputStream or Reader. For example, JAXB unmarshaller has unmarshal(InputStream), StAX has XMLInputFactory.createStreamReader(InputStream), XStream has XStream.fromXML(Reader). So all too often you'd write something like: XMLInputFactory xif = ...;xif.createStreamReader(new FileInputStream("data/foo.xml")); Or maybe: XMLInputFactory xif = ...;xif....
on Oct 7, 2005
Sometimes when you are binding your own classes to XML, you hit with a situation where your class representation doesn't quite match what you'd like to see in the XML. Some other times, some of your classes hit the limitation in JAXB that the class must have a default constructor. XmlJavaTypeAdapter is a solution for those problems. Consider the following question Phil asked in the JAXB&JAX...
on Sep 30, 2005
JAX-WSA sources project on is now open sourced under CDDL 1.0, an OSI-approved license. The description and rationale of the license is explained here. The development work in this project was started couple of months ago so you will see code if you check out the workspace (login and join the project before you can view these instructions). Alternatively, the code can be browsed here....
on Sep 28, 2005
The JAX-WS development team is proud to announce that JAX-WS 2.0 is now feature complete and the team has entered bug fixing mode. To obtain the highlest level of quality the team wishes to enlist all developers interested in Web Services to get the lastest JAX-WS bits and kick the tires. If you find issues with JAX-WS please let us know. You can provide feedback in the JAXB 2.0 and JAX-WS 2.0...
on Sep 26, 2005
On a recent trip to Blogger, I noticed a new tool: a blog toolbar for Word. How convenient! You can review, edit, and even post new blogs to Blogger from Word...nice. There's only one problem...what if I can't use Word? What if I don't want to use Word? What if I want to use OpenOffice instead? What if I want to blog to instead? I've been hunting the internet for an OpenOffice plugin...
on Sep 21, 2005
Surprise, surprise! L&Fs today don't just look nice. Some add new features to the GUI: When I started the daily build of NetBeans with my preferred configuration I noticed a small new button in the menubar. I tried it out. It allows to find and activate any menu item that contains a certain text. For each menuitem a small button with a descriptive tooltip is added. Pushing it drops down the...
on Sep 16, 2005