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Java Web Services and XML

Sun Tech Days is Sun's World Wide Developer Conference. The next venue is Atlanta, United States on Jan 16-17, 2007. The complete agenda is very comprehensive consisting of a NetBeans day, OpenSolaris Day and technical sessions on Java SE and Java EE, Solaris OS, Tools and Web 2.0. And the best part is, all this is FREE. I'm presenting on: Technologies and Tools for Web 2.0 (11:50 - 12:40pm)...
on Jan 13, 2007
First, I set up a mirror of the maven2 repository on This would allow people behind the proxy to use this repository without hitting a bug in Maven. Second, I updated cvs-news. It's been broken for a while, but now it's fully functional. It has a few new features, and stay tuned for more.
on Jan 12, 2007
When using JAX-WS 2.1 and JAXB 2.1 with JDK 6, you may see errors like this when running Web Services Tools (wsimport and wsgen) in JAX-WS 2.1 installation. <u>While invoking wsimport:</u><br>D:\work\jax-ws\test\>%JAXWS_HOME%\bin\wsimport -d temp hello_literal.wsdlparsing WSDL...generating code...D:\work\jax-ws\test\temp\test\ cannot find symbolsymbol...
on Jan 12, 2007
The NetBeans 5.5 IDE is tested with Sun Java System Application Server PE 9.0 Update Release 1 or GlassFish v1. It also used to work with GlassFish v2 but stopped doing so after b26 because of issue 90221 in NetBeans. A patch has been applied to NetBeans 5.5.1 which can be downloaded from here (select 5.5.1 from the "NetBeans Version" list box). I downloaded NetBeans 5.5.1 dev build,...
on Jan 11, 2007
Jerome wrote a plugin for XJC that generates bound properties instead of plain simple properties. It was originally a part of Glassfish, but since it is generally useful for other people as well, we split it out and moved it to jaxb2-commons. You can see the sample code that it generates here, and download the bits from here. This has been asked by more than a handful users in the past. So if...
on Jan 11, 2007
The XPath API has been part of JAXP since version 1.3, which is part of Java SE 5.0. Yet, we've never received (or at least I haven't heard) much feedback about it or the implementation that we have in the RI. Well, that's not entirely true, I have heard a few times that the implementation is not very fast (which is true), yet not much about the API itself. In case your not familiar with the...
on Jan 5, 2007
Read about WSIT at The Server Side Interoperability Blog. Technorati: WSIT GlassFish Web Services Interoperability WCF Indigo TheServerSide
on Dec 24, 2006
You may get several Christmas presents this year so I'd like to give you all mine first. Best to be early than late and forgotten. :) You can scroll down to the screenshot and link if you want, but if you prefer some delightful Christmas suspense begin reading here. You might want to grab some egg nog first. In fact, adding a splash of rum might help too. We've got a lot to go through. As you may...
on Dec 22, 2006
One of a very common problem that people (especially new people) faces in the remoting system like JAX-WS is this. Your server throws an unexpected exception. You get an error on the client saying "server reported an error", and you'd like to better find out what's going on in the server, but you don't know how. So to make the JAX-WS RI easier to use, I just implemented a mechanism where the...
on Dec 18, 2006
One of the complains about the JAXP API that we are hearing (rather loudly!) is number of lines of code that are needed to implement a simple task: you need to instantiate a factory, create an instance from the factory, wrap your parameters in Sources and Results and finally carry out the task. Ah, and don't forget to catch all those exceptions or your code won't even compile. Is all the...
on Dec 15, 2006
A new thread started on TheServerSide prompted by Dims post on "Why bundling JAX-WS in Java6 was a bad idea!". Let me explain why I don't agree.  I still remember JavaOne 2005 technical keynote getting applauds from everybody when bundling Web services in Java6 was announced. An approximate 5000 developer audience thrilled that Web services will be available natively in Java6. JAX-...
on Dec 14, 2006
Webservices in JDK 6 Java SE 6 is out! Among other things it has exciting new end-to-end web services stack  - JAXWS 2.0 FCS RI. Couple of main things you should know: JAXWS Tools wsimport and wsgen part of JDK Simplified deployment using Endpoint API and light-weight HTTP Server in JDK Uses JAXB 2.0, also part of JDK6, for all data binding needs. Also uses Stax, SAAJ 1.3 for...
on Dec 12, 2006
JAX-WS 2.1 (JSR 224) Maintenance Release has been approved by the JCP. Thanks to all the Expert Group members for providing feedback and making yet another landmark in Java Web services standards roadmap. The change log, specification and RI EA3 are available for you to explore. Read Vivek's blog for details on the new features available in EA3. Here is the list of features in EA2 and EA1. The...
on Dec 7, 2006
Today, I'm starting a series of blog entries on Web 2.0. These entries will describe my experience of learning different software offerings from Sun in Web 2.0. First, lets see what is Web 2.0. The term Web 2.0 was coined by OReilly Media  in the opening talk of first Web 2.0 conference (slides) held in San Francisco Oct 2004. This term is heavily discussed and criticized since it's...
on Dec 6, 2006
The maintenance review period of JAXB 2.1 is officially over as of November 27th. That means nobody said no on any of the proposed changes, and so they are considered accepted. Yay! Stay tuned for the official release of JAXB 2.1 FCS soon.
on Dec 6, 2006
I recently spent two weeks in Prague. I worked face-to-face with some of our WSIT engineers located there, some I had never met in person. I also participated in Sun Tech Days where I gave a overview of JAX-WS and WSIT. A number of people have asked for the slides. You can find them (along with other slides from the Prague event) here. Look for my presentation titled "JAX-WS and Tangoing...
on Dec 5, 2006
An update to original set of properties is now available. THE FOLLOWING PROPERTIES ARE PROPRIETARY.  THEY CAN AND WILL CHANGE. We are providing this information to help with development and debugging.  These properties should not be used in deployments. WSIT Pipeline Assembler exposes multiple system properties to enable SOAP message logging using DumpPipe. Each property, if it's value...
on Dec 4, 2006
WSIT is now defined in Technorati: WSIT Wikipedia
on Nov 27, 2006
A few more updates on the maven repository: JSR-250 jars and source zips are now available in the maven repository. The fact that only accepts HTTPS connections is a source of many troubles. So I set up a mirror of the repository at This is synced every hour. Source jars for stax-ex, sjsxp, stax-api are also posted. I've been fixing missing dependencies of...
on Nov 22, 2006
One of the additions in the JAX-WS RI 2.1 EA3 is a simple way to add SOAP headers for your request. The official "portable" way of doing this is that you creaate a SOAPHandler and mess with SAAJ. This works, but Vivek though it's just too much work for such a simple thing one day, and we all agreed. So we quickly put together a better way to do this. Here's how to do this: When you create a...
on Nov 20, 2006