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Blogs by Community: Java Web Services and XML

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Java Web Services and XML

I just posted the JAXB RI 2.1.3 release on the website. This is a bug fix release to the 2.1.x line that implements the JAXB 2.1 specification. Not all changes are recorded on, but most of them are, and you can see them in the issue tracker. Thanks to Rebecca for working on many of the bug fixes. As usual, if you have any comments or questions, please use our forum, and if find any...
on Apr 13, 2007
Sun has recently enhanced its Java Technology and Web Services web site. The new site has been totally revamped with "tabbed" navigation, making it easier to learn about Sun's Web Services offerings. The new site's Overview tab is the perfect landing place to see what is the latest and greatest in Sun's Web Services offerings. From the new site you can learn about WSIT, JAX-WS, JAXB, JAXP, JAX-...
on Apr 12, 2007
We heard you and changed it for you!, the Web services hub for the Java platform, is released today with a completely redesigned website. The content is now much better organized using the tabbed approach and hopefully you'll find it easier to navigate and find your content intuitively. Here are some of the key points I'd like highlight to help you get started: All the...
on Apr 11, 2007
The Web Services Stack consists of invididual technologies (e.g. JAX-WS, JAXB, WSIT, XWSS, JAXP) for developing Web services and clients. These technologies are being developed as projects and ship in multiple releases. To make it easier to locate, navigate, contribute, support these technologies, the existing Java Web services web site has been redesigned. The content on Java Web...
on Apr 11, 2007
One more venue to ask questions on GlassFish is Chat rooms. I configured using Gaim 2.0.0 beta6 and now there. The complete archive of the chat session is available here. You need to click on << and >> (top of the page) to scroll through the dates. Alternatively, you can search the entire archive by entering a keyword. Other that this, you can send a message to
on Apr 10, 2007
Here is a link to an article that contains the first set of details on WSIT Security Configuration... WSIT Security Configuration demystified I will be adding more details to it in the comings days and update readers about it whenever that happens. Here are some of the other blogs of the team members working on WSIT Security, Trust and SecureConversation that you might find useful/related......
on Apr 10, 2007
Harpreet, Ludovic, Kedar, Shreedhar and myself will be presenting about GlassFish at the next Silicon Valley JUG meeting. Here are the coordinates: Location...: Google, Inc. Tunis Conference Room, (Bldg. 43) 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA Read announcement for more details. Technorati: glassfish
on Apr 9, 2007
WSIT Pipe (announced here) now is replaced by Web services planet. SWDP Pipe (announced here) is now replaced by SWDP planet. Each of these planets aggregates posts from the Sun bloggers in that technology. You can also subscribe to feeds from Web services forum and SWDP forum. Read more details here. Technorati: webservices swdp
on Apr 9, 2007
When went down for the site upgrade, a lot of work has stopped in my "main" projects, since we couldn't commit changes. It turns out that that is precisely the kind of productivity time that I needed — I spent that time working on smaller projects that needed my attention. So now that is back, I'm announcing the releases of the new versions of ... Annotation mock...
on Apr 9, 2007
JAX-WS 2.1 was written dependent on the Web Services 1.0 - WSDL Binding candidate recommendation fully expecting this CR to become are recommendation. However, after JAX-WS 2.1 was approved by the EC, the Web Service Addressing Working Group decided to replace the WSDL Binding CR with a new Web Services Addressing 1.0 - Metadata working draft. We felt that it would be prudent to respin the JAX...
on Apr 6, 2007
Redirecting you to Joe Ottinger's (editor of The Server Side) blog. Technorati: jax-ws glassfish webservices
on Apr 5, 2007
Manveen works on XML Web Services and Security and is now blogging. Welcome to the blogosphere! She has already posted three entries this week: XWSS on Maven On configuring Glassfish keystores Converting an existing webservice to one using the JSR109 deployment model Here are some other entries published by Web Services Security team recently: Disabling InclusivePrefixList in XWSS...
on Mar 29, 2007
In the spirit of better late than never, our JAX-WS 2.1 "ask the experts" session log is now available online. While the forum remains as the primary means of user support for JAX-WS, "ask the experts" session has better S/N ratio because questions are filtered — when you are looking for an answer to a particular problem you have, it's convenient to have a place where you can...
on Mar 29, 2007
I just posted 1.2 of the JAX-WS Spring support extension. Binaries are available in the maven repository. This version fixes a few bugs and also comes with the local transport support, which is handy for testing things without running a web container. Thanks everyone for their feedback, bug reports, and what not.
on Mar 28, 2007
In the opening keynote of last day (Day 1 & Day 2) of TheServerSide Java Symposium, Joe asked the following questions, to an audience of approx 500 Java developers, receiving instant feedback. How  satisfied are you with Sun ? Very satisfied  20% Somewhat satisfied  48% Neutral  23% Somewhat dissatisfied  6% Very dissatisfied  3% How important...
on Mar 24, 2007
I just pushed XSOM jars to the maven repository.
on Mar 23, 2007
In the opening keynote of Day 2 (Day 1), Joe Ottinger, Editor-in-chief of TheServerSide, asked the following questions, to an audience of approx 500 Java developers, receiving instant feedback using little handy devices on each attendees table. As with any surveys, the data may be skewed because of multiple reasons (not all participating, voting twice, pressing the wrong key etc). But here are...
on Mar 23, 2007
I've been in Las Vegas for past 2 days attending The Server Side Java Symposium. Sun is the only platinum sponsor. The conference is at The Venetian, one of the nicest hotels on the strip, but found two irritating issues for working people: Using fitness center facilities require you to pay $35/day charge. That is ridiculous to me. They anyway charge fortune for the room so why this...
on Mar 23, 2007
The maven 2 plugin for JAX-WS 2.x has originally been developed in the codehaus mojo project, but the Mojo project and the JAX-WS project talked and decided to move it to So I just imported the source code, made some minor tweaks, and post 1.0 release. Make sure that your maven have <pluginRepository> entry that points to the maven2 repository so that your project can use...
on Mar 16, 2007
I'll be speaking on "JAX-WS and WSIT Tangoing with .NET" at The Server Side Java Symposium, The Venetian, Las Vegas on Mar 22, 2007 from 10:10-11:10am. WSIT provides first-class interoperability between the Web services stack in GlassFish and .NET 3.0 framework. This talk will show how Web services interoperability is baked into GlassFish and show how easy it is to create a reliable...
on Mar 7, 2007