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Java Web Services and XML

Metro uses a dedicated test harness for writing end-to-end unit tests. This harness builds on top of JUnit but adds a lot of useful features and conventions so that we can write tests more productively. One of the features I added lately was the ability to generate code coverage report, and I'm going to talk about the technique because I think this is useful to other test harnesses. The...
on Sep 2, 2007
An user asked for a schema for the JAX-WS binding customization. So Vivek had put together one and I run it through xnsdoc and published it online. We'll try to get the schema published at (which is the actual namespace URI of this schema), but in the mean time, you can get it from here. Similar reference for JAXB has been available for a while.
on Aug 22, 2007
Human Powered Services (HPS) are the piece of the puzzle that meshes BPM with SOA... With HPS in the mix choreographing Human and Autonomous services is seamless, without HPS in the mix choreographing Human and Autonomous services is a pain. Continue reading at my other blog...
on Aug 21, 2007
I tried to run JAX-WS samples with Tomcat 6.0 and stumbled with the classloading problem. After reading the docs, I figured it out and thought of sharing this to all. The JAX-WS Samples documentation describes steps for running samples with Glassfish and Tomcat 5.x. It suggests you to copy all web services jars to $CATALINA_HOME/shared/lib when running with Tomcat, so that these libraries can...
on Jul 20, 2007
Members of the Project Tango (part of the Metro web services stack) team (Harold Carr, Jiandong Guo, Mike Grogan, Ken Hofsass) were at Microsoft's Redmond campus last week to participate in a plugfest to ensure web service interoperability between Java and .NET 3.0 and 3.5. This is the fourth plugfest we've participated in. The first three were focused on interoperability between Java...
on Jul 18, 2007
As a follow-up to the introduction of Metro, today I merged and into All the existing archives of two lists were moved to the users@metro archive, and all the existing subscribers of the two lists are carried over to the new list. Nabble archive is also set up although this doesn't incldue the past archive. This...
on Jul 13, 2007
One common complaint from the JAXB users is the lack of support for binding 3rd party classes. The scenario is this — you are trying to annotate your classes with JAXB annotations to make it XML bindable, but some of the classes are coming from libraries and JDK, and thus you cannot put necessary JAXB annotations on it. Knowing that this would be a problem, I designed the JAXB RI with a...
on Jul 12, 2007
I just released the JAXB RI 2.1.4. This version contains a number of bug fixes and should be good for anyone using 2.1.x RIs today. This release contains 22 changes and it's been 3 months since 2.1.3, the previous release. I have one question for you guys — would you like us to release more frequently, less frequently, or is 3 months just about right?
on Jul 11, 2007
Fedor Malyshkin started a very interesting JAX-WS commons project called beans-generator. This project lets you get rid of the wsgen step entirely (by generating them at runtime instead), so it simplifies the development process. I think we need to look at the code and see if we can get this done in Metro itself.
on Jul 9, 2007
Arrival in Zurich Last week I presented at Jazoon in Zurich, Switzerland. I arrived on Sunday morning. Even though I had been awake for almost 24 hours traveling from the U.S., I knew not to go to bed when I checked into the hotel—otherwise, it just prolongs the jet lag. So, after registering for the conference and meeting its organizer, Dr. J
on Jul 3, 2007
The Web Services Addressing Working Group has requested to transition the second Last Call Working Draft of Web Services Addressing 1.0 - Metadata ( which addressed the issues received during the previous Last Call phase relating WS-Policy assertions from WS-Policy wokring group). Section 2.1 Referencing WSDL Metadata from an EPR and section 2.2 Embedding WSDL Metadata in an EPR are marked as...
on Jun 29, 2007
I'll be in Zurich next week at Jazoon giving a presentation (from 2-2:40pm) on the Tango features in the GlassFish Metro web services stack. I'll be showing interoperability between the Metro stack and the Microsoft's WCF stack in .NET 3.0. By-the-way: these features (i.e., eliable messaging, atomic transactions, security, secure conversation, trust) work just fine in Java-only scenarios....
on Jun 22, 2007
Giving names to software is always a difficult task. For example, we refer to our implementation of advanced features such as atomic transactions, reliable messaging and security (based on various WS-* specifications that interoperate with MS Windows Communiations Foundation, but also work Java to Java) as Project Tango. But some people think that Tango is a different stack than our...
on Jun 19, 2007
In the past few weeks, I've been mostly working on the launch of Metro, a web service distribution built around the JAX-WS RI and WSIT. I think this move is a bit like the one we did with JWSDP, for those of you who remember. Back then, we've been developing a bunch of composable but independent technologies (JAXP, JAXB, JAXM, SAAJ, JAX-RPC, JAXR, ...), and we realized that for most people they...
on Jun 19, 2007
WSIT Milestone 5, the latest and greatest in our march towards FCS, is now available. We are past the point of adding new features. What this release gives you is better performance, higher quality (i.e., bugs have been fixed) and more complete documentation. It's not too late to effect the outcome. Please download it and try it out and let us know of anything that needs fixing. Note: WSIT...
on Jun 11, 2007
Stateful web service support seems to be getting some traction, as Scott Balmos reported that it's interoperable with C#. See the discussion in Some of the comments say: It's almost magical how easy the code is, to use a stateful SOAP service in this manner. Looks as great as Microsoft breaking 8+3 limit in filenames. With the stateful web service support in the JAX-WS RI (although...
on Jun 8, 2007
I just posted the reference of the complete JAXB binding customization elements. This is the latest addition to the user support resources for JAXB. This documentation is generated from XML Schema automatically by using xnsdoc, which kindly offers free licenses for eligible open source projects (if you know of any good free software for doing this, let me know!) Since the original schema doesn...
on Jun 6, 2007
Two months after releasing JAXP RI version 1.4.1, we are now releasing version 1.4.2. This is therefore the second update release to the FCS version from last year that is also part of JDK 6. Note that all these RI releases correspond to the same JAXP 1.4 Specification. Although there have been talks about a new JAXP specification, no official work has been started yet. There have been a few...
on May 31, 2007
Web Services Interoperability Technology (WSIT, aka Project Tango), integrated in GlassFish V2 builds, provides a implementation of key enterprise Web services specifications and enables first-class interoperability with .NET 3.0 framework. However if you download stand-alone WSIT builds, then you can also install similar bits on Tomcat 5.5.17. In this entry, I provide a script...
on May 23, 2007
A discussion has been started in the mailing list about typed extensions to the StAX API. We hope this discussion will serve as the basis for a proposal to be incorporated in the next release of the API. Subscribe to the mailing list (it is moderated) if you are interested in influecing this next-gen API. Here is the subscription page and the mailing list archive for...
on May 21, 2007