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Java Desktop

The Joy of Clojure, Second Edition by Michael Fogus and Chris Houser has 4 new chapters! Save 45% with Promo code mlfogus2jn at What's new? The authors have released the following chapters: •Chapter 14, "Data-oriented programming" •Chapter 15, "Performance" •Chapter 16, "Thinking programs" •Chapter 17, "Clojure changes the way you think" We have four new chapters for you. Chapter...
on Sep 3, 2013
Save 45% on The Programmer's Guide to Apache Thrift with Promo code mlthriftjn2 at The Programmer's Guide to Apache Thrift by Randy Abernethy has been updated! What's new? •Chapter 1-3 have been updated and the following chapters have been added: •Chapter 4, "Handling Exceptions" •Chapter 5, "Serializing Data with Protocols" •Chapter 6, "Apache Thrift IDL" We have three new chapters...
on Aug 28, 2013
Java Persistence with Hibernate, Second Edition MEAP Update + 44% savings! To save 44% on the pBook and eBook use Promotional code mlbauer3jn at Offer valid until Aug 21, 2013. What’s new? •Chapter 11, “Implementing conversations” •Chapter 12, “Fetch plans, strategies, and profiles” •Chapter 13, “Filtering” We have three new chapters for you. In chapter 11, you’...
on Aug 16, 2013

Java User Groups

Grails in Action, Second Edition MEAP Update + 44% off Save 44% on Grails in Action, Second Edition with Promotional code mlgsmith2jn at What’s new? Chapter 9, “Building reliable applications”. We have now introduced all the core elements that make up a standard Grails application. The question now is how to further develop the application while ensuring that we don’t introduce bugs...
on Aug 20, 2013


Here are my slides on my "Remoting Retrospective" presentation at JavaOne 2012: Remoting Retrospective (pdf)
on Oct 26, 2012
In or around San Francisco this evening? Interested in distributed computing, Jini, or just having a pint? ;-) In what seems to be turning into an 'annual' gathering at the Thirsty Bear Brewing Company... we'll be having an informal Meetup to kick off JavaOne week. The Jini Community has undergone a lot of change in the last year plus, and there are interesting times ahead. JavaSpaces...
on May 7, 2007
After the BoF at JavaPolis (where the demo failed for some stupid connection problem in spite of the fact that half an hour earlier my setup was perfectly ok) and another code reorganization, we can talk about the Rio plugin for Mistral, which enables users to distribute an imaging task in a local cluster of machines, where nodes can be dinamically added or removed even during the computation....
on Dec 21, 2006
[As background: Brussels is 'the place to be' the next couple of weeks... the 10th Jini Community Meeting" is underway and taking place September 13th and 14th. EuroOSCON 2006 is happening next week, September 18-21, at the same location -- Hotel Le Plaza in the magnificent Plaza Theather.] The 10th Jini Community Meeting is live from Brussels -- check out the conference page at: http://www....
on Sep 13, 2006
It's the day before JavaOne! Hopefully you're already into it on Monday... by attending Java University, or NetBeans Day, or maybe the Alumni Fireside Chat... but even if you're just getting into San Francisco -- get right into it! One way is to join up with some folks from the Jini Community at a Watering Hole at the Thirsty Bear brewpub. We'll be meeting up starting around 7pm. Basically --...
on May 14, 2006
About six months ago Sun released the Jini Starter Kit under the Apache Software License 2.0. That enabled other projects that use the service implementations and utilities from the Starter Kit to follow suit. By the time this weblog entry is written, 18 projects in the Jini community are using an open-source license and 15 others have plans to do so. The following list of projects is partly...
on Oct 13, 2005
I've spend some thoughts on how the Java-based Jnode OS could benefit from using Jini and wrote an article about that topic. The article outlines how the Jnode OS could use Jini services as shell commands and device drivers that are looked up and downloaded on the fly. It also includes introductions to Jini and Jnode for those who are not familiar with the two. The article is available from my...
on May 20, 2005
About one year after first discussions about changing Jini licensing at the 7th Jini Community Meeting the first release of the Jini Starter Kit is available under an ASL2 license. In addition Sun provides a Patent Non-Assertion Covenant for Jini. But that's not the only news about this release. It is also a release that tackles the deployment problems users of Jini did often face. It comes with...
on Mar 30, 2005
Especially Jini developers often have to wrestle with ClassNotFoundExceptions due to incorrect codebases or classloaders that are associated with the wrong codebase. The codehost project tries to tacle these problems by removing the codebase URLs. This may seem strange first. How do you download the classes you need without any information where to get them from? But does removing the codebase...
on Mar 21, 2005
So far today the most interesting talk I've been to is the one on RFID techonology by Sun. They've built it on Jini and Rio, which itself is built on Jini, and they have an impresive platform for dong stuff with RFID applications. The match is good because these systems require customization and smarts at the edge of the network, where the data is gathered, because otherwise too much data would...
on Jun 30, 2004
Two good Jini moments today at JavaOne: 1) Scott McNealy gives out a Dukie award to Orbitz, with an obvious reference to what they're doing--it was the ConJINIality award! That's right. Jini, in a keynote. Scott McNealy. (Mind you, he didn't actually *say* anything about Jini, but there it was--right there in the name of the award. 2) The Jini session I went to was VERY well attended. It may...
on Jun 30, 2004
JavaOne is next week. Of course you know that. The folks who do Java stuff out in the world have ranged from intrigued to fanatic about Jini and JavaSpaces, but those who set the schedule always seem to have something else to talk about. Somehow the Jini/JavaSpaces stuff is always "new". It's been "new" for over six years now. Last year it was part of the emerging technology track over five...
on Jun 24, 2004
About a month ago, I wrote about using JMX to manage JavaSpaces and Jini services. Now I've found an article by Frank Jennings doing it inside out. He's discovering a JMX server via Jini. I'm glad to see people combining Jini with J2EE. I wonder.... if you combined both approaches, would that create a tear in the fabric of spacetime?
on Sep 9, 2003
I've long watched the JavaSpaces and Jini community because it is such a great technology, but sadly from a work experience standpoint, I haven't had a chance to really get my hands dirty. That's still the case, but I have new hope. JPower has released a free (as in beer) JavaSpace JMX component. It runs in any JMX container. It offers hot deployable JavaSpaces, backed by persistent storage via...
on Jul 29, 2003
Sometime yesterday (ok, really the day before that now) Ken Arnold started in on his Hack. You see, at MacHack, the highlight event is on Friday night where people present the stuff they've been working on through the conference. If it's a proper hack—something cool, yet useless—you get wild applause from the crowd. If not, well, tirades such as "marketing!" and "...
on Jun 21, 2003

Mac Java

This blog entry describes how WebSphere eXtreme Scale uses memory. This allows customers to better size how much memory they need when storing a large number of key value pairs in a grid.  The text is in my personal blog at this link.
on Oct 28, 2009