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Java Desktop

The Fundamentals of a JavaScript Test Suite by John Resig and Bear Bibeault, authors of Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja As important as a solid testing strategy is for all code, it can be crucial for situations where external factors have the potential to affect the operation of your code, which is exactly the case you're faced with in cross-browser JavaScript development. In this article...
on Feb 7, 2013
JavaFX has certainly come a long way in the past 18 months or so. But, will its momentum continue to the point where it eventually displaces most other platforms that are used for developing Java client/desktop applications? Our recently completed poll asked the community for its views on the future of JavaFX. A total of 660 people cast votes in the poll. The exact question and results...
on Jul 28, 2012
The Problem In one of our desktop applications we're emphasizing full-screen mode more than ever before. Among other things, this means we need to display some modal dialogs in full-screen mode. On Windows this appears to work fine, but on Mac the dialog appears to be buried. Here is a test application demonstrating the problem: import java.awt.DisplayMode;import java.awt.GraphicsDevice;import...
on Apr 5, 2011

Mac Java

I recently installed Java 7 on my Mac OS X system. Although the installation went smoothly, I did run into one problem that might not be a big issue for you. I didn't go through the hassle of compiling it for myself. Instead, I opted to grab a precompiled JDK from here: Specifically, I chose the OpenJDK 1.7 universal...
on Aug 21, 2011
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on Jun 24, 2010
Do you know that feeling? Something annoys you and you have to tell somebody? This is the bare reason for this blog entry. Don't read it. It is just for me to make me feel better. When I joined my new company in January, they let my choose my weapons freely. For I've heard so much about these Apple machines and how cool they are and so far ahead of the Windows world, I was curious and ordered one...
on Nov 28, 2009
This blog entry describes how WebSphere eXtreme Scale uses memory. This allows customers to better size how much memory they need when storing a large number of key value pairs in a grid.  The text is in my personal blog at this link.
on Oct 28, 2009
As many of you may know, user interface design is a passion of mine. I want software that both looks pretty and acts well. I've had lots of ideas on the topic, often bleeding over into art and traditional design, in addition to usability. After thinking about it for a couple of years I've finally decided to create a blog dedicated to the topic: At Josh On Design I'll be...
on Oct 20, 2009
After a long time of waiting for Java 6 on Mac OS X Leopard, you can get since today a developer preview over the Apple Developer Connection. Don't forget to read the release notes, nice things in there.
on Feb 12, 2008
First of all, this is the second and last time I will blog here about a Mac OS X only application. The first time was here, about OMiC a Apple Mail Plugin I created to co-work with people who use Microsoft Outlook and send such winmail.dat files to me. In future, I want to blog such topics on my new blog, so if you interested in Mac OS X development, feel free to read it. Now to the new...
on Jan 19, 2007
Slowly, slowly, step by step...we have to be getting closer to the actual release date of Java SE 6. You know it's just right around the corner...sometime soon. So, when I got a new Mac OS X laptop a couple months ago, I didn't want to be without my favorite development platform. I immediately went up to the Apple developer site, created an account, and downloaded the latest Java SE 6. I was...
on Nov 30, 2006
This time for all the Mac Developer with coworkers who use Microsoft Outlook and send you mails with winmail.dat attachments. This winmail.dat attachments can contain other files or schedule information. The mail contain the schedule information also in plain text, so this is no problem, only more work because of the copy&past it into your iCal. But if it contains other files, you need a...
on Aug 29, 2006
In the meantime to my last blog about Mustang on Mac OS X Apple release three more developer previews. Today I want write about the news in DP5 which you can get here. ( 4110491 ) apple.awt.brushMetalRounded is broken for JFrames is fixed When I remember right, brushMetalRounded come with Mac OS X 10.4, but was broken all the time. So now Java developer also can use the iTunes 5, iCal or...
on Aug 10, 2006
Today Michael Shan merged my patch into cvs. So issue #222 is fixed. A issue where the first patch that I provide is dated to Jun 27 2005, almost a year ago, now fixed, yeah! JDIC Browser for Mac OS X based on Dmitry Markmans webkitjava. He agreed to change license and copyright that we can use it in JDIC, so here also a thx from me! So for all of you out there who waiting hard for that, you...
on Jun 23, 2006
Today Apple release the Developer Preview 2 of Java SE 6.0. This preview include support for PPC so I can play around with it on my PowerBook. So today is the day I can test most of the cool things I read about Mustang all the time here. My first try was Splash-Screen, I use the demo of New Splash-Screen Functionality in Mustang. It works fine, only that the gif I choose look bad... Next I...
on May 18, 2006
Intro I'm writing the web services material for Globalcode's brand new course on Java Enterprise development, so I decided to give NetBeans 5.5 Preview/Glassfish a try (after all, WS with annotations is one of the ease-of-development promisses of Java EE 5). Currently, I have 2 systems: a Pentium III Linux desktop and a G4 Powerbook; I'm trying to use the Powerbook as primary development machine...
on Mar 8, 2006


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on Jul 20, 2010
Entry posted to my new blog.
on Apr 26, 2010


Entry posted to my new blog.
on Oct 23, 2009
Update: JavaFX Mobile development now also available for Mac OS! Caveat when using NetBeans 6.7.1: After installing NetBeans 6.7.1 with JavaFX you should be able to build and run JavaFX applications on the Windows Mobile EA just fine. However, NetBeans 6.7.1 prompts you update JavaFX though the update center. Do not perform this update as there is an incompatibility between this update and the...
on Jul 27, 2009