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If you haven't had a chance yet to look at the Java Mobile & Embedded Developer Days agenda do so. This is really a revolutionary conference in the Java Mobile & Embedded space. Crammed into 36 consecutive hours you'll find 25 sessions, 21 lightning talks, and 4 30 minute poster sessions. And if that isn't enough you can stay up part of the night at the brainstorming and bar/camp...
on Nov 12, 2007
Hi, this is just good news! SDN (Sun Developer Network) got a new front page look and structure. What a great job! I also enjoyed to know that hCalendar microformats are being used in the Sun Tech Days navigation link, as they describe in the SDN Program News weblog. According to Matt Thompson, in an email to Aaron Houston, fowarded to Java Champions list, "Rather than just a redesign, the team...
on Nov 9, 2007
LinAlg Mobility Toolkit Usually i blog in the JDK Blogosphere so LinAlg API may not be known to the mobility world. LinAlg API is a J2SE API for linear algebra and is currently under strong development for different platforms in particular for the desktop. However, i was experimenting with the idea of porting linalg to the mobile platform and it worked. So there is now a linear algebra API...
on Nov 8, 2007
The reviewer group for the Java Mobile & Embedded Developer Days content is finishing the first round of ratings on the submissions. Check out the current preview of sessions (of course, subject to change). Excellent content so far! And, as mentioned before, James Gosling is doing the keynote. Registration is in full swing. Click here. -- Terrence Powered by Qumana
on Nov 8, 2007
The OHA members have signed an anti-fragmentation clause. "They've basically agreed not to fragment nor do things that would result in different versions of the platform", says Rich Miner in the PC World interview. And the JCP has that too - called MSA. But as Java ME developers know very well, there are many facets to fragmentation extending beyond the platform and well into the surrounding...
on Nov 7, 2007
Update 1: Dalobor Topic has just posted this about the Android license. Update 2: Check out this MacWorld article in which Rich Miner talks about the Android non-fragmentation pledge. Proprietary extensions and consistency in the platform? Sounds like wishful thinking to me. Over the last 24 hours very little news and lots of opinion and speculation hit the airwaves about Google's Android...
on Nov 6, 2007
Android has existed for probably about 4 years, created by people who have real handset experience, so a delivery timeframe of 2H08 is not unreasonable. Google acquired Android back in August 2005 and it had already been running for 22 months by then. This old (March 2007) article tells us perhaps more technically than most of the news about the phone that came out in the past day. Given...
on Nov 6, 2007
I had a few minutes tonight before turning in so I thought I put it to good use and review the 35 submissions for technical sessions in the upcoming Mobile & Embedded Developer Days. Of the 35 talks I ranked 23 talks as "must haves". Yeah there are some duplicates so the number if probably like 20 but still we only have about 10-15 technical session slots. We preselected three topics so I...
on Nov 5, 2007
Things are really coming together for the Java Mobile & Embedded Developer Days conference. Here is a brief news-flash: We have secured none other than James Gosling himself for the keynote of the conference. What's more, he pretty much gets to decide what he wants to talk about ... and knowing James and his interest for cool demos and geeky stuff this promises to be a sure-fire crowd-pleaser...
on Nov 2, 2007
The last 24 hours have been quite a ride with regard to the Java Mobile & Embedded Developer Days. Yesterday morning at the beginning of the day there were just around 30 submissions for the conference. There were some really good talks, but still not a tremendous amount of content. I wasn't overly surprised when I got up rather sluggishly and found 5 new submissions in my inbox. What was a...
on Nov 1, 2007
After spending several years in the Java ME standards circuit for a major operator, I'm now on my own as a consultant, and running for one of the open Executive Committee seats as an Individual. I'd really like to know what burning topics Java ME developers would like to see the winning candidates bring to the EC. Java ME has been fabulously successful with well over 2 Billion devices shipped....
on Nov 1, 2007
John Muchow did an interview with me for his site I like it! Thanks John. As for the Java Mobile & Embedded Developer Days: This is promising to be an exciting event. We've received a ton of great paper submissions already ... picking content and putting together a feature-packed agenda will be hard but rewarding. But, if you are still sitting on this great idea of yours - you...
on Oct 31, 2007
Tomorrow, October 31, is the final day for call for papers for the Java Mobile & Embedded Developer Days conference. The submissions thus far are indicating a very strong conference. Just to give you a taste for what has been submitted below are two technical sessions and three lightning talks that I think are keepers. Technical Sessions Tear-off Databases for Phones - Rich...
on Oct 30, 2007
Sun Tech Days, Sun's worldwide developer conference, comes to Frankfurt, Germany this year in December. The agenda will contain a special Java ME section called "Mobility Day" - with technical sessions on NetBeans Mobility, Graphics and Media, Programming Cool Devices using phoneME, and an Extreme GUI Makeover with Ajax Mashup.
on Oct 26, 2007
MSA Advanced is chartered to define the next generation Mobile Java platform. So, it seems logical to get the experience and expertise of many users and citizens and developers into the discussions surrounding this new platform. However, there are no individual experts in MSA Advanced. The problem is that once an Expert Group (EG) has been selected, it's common for a JSR to stop accepting...
on Oct 24, 2007
Just came across this c|net article titled "Sun starts bidding adieu to mobile-specific Java"
on Oct 23, 2007
As it was announced in Terrence Barr's Blog before, Mobile & Embedded Community is hosting the first Java Mobile & Embedded Developer Days Conference. The Call for Papers will end on 31, October. There are few days left, so don't miss the time! Fill the form below and submit your ideas to Subject Line: <Presentation format> - <...
on Oct 18, 2007
I did not have time to post about some news I got around JavaFX before, due to many things I've been doing in the last weeks. Now is the time! I have attended, weeks ago, to a conference call with some Java Champions and Sun people. It was a really great discussion and there are some points that I want to share. Here is the list of them in bullet form: JavaFX Script and Consumer JRE (or Consumer...
on Oct 11, 2007
Jonathan Knudsen is an accomplished technical writer who has published dozens of books and articles on Java and Java ME over the years. He is currently working on his latest book "Kicking Butt with MIDP and MSA" which will be a one-stop guide to developing cool and feature-rich applications for the next-generation Java ME devices implementing the Mobile Services Architecture (JSR 248...
on Oct 9, 2007
Hello everybody! I have just came back from JustJava 2007 in S
on Oct 5, 2007