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Recently I was wandering the aisles of a Barnes and Noble bookstore (the last big chain bookstore in the United States), and I was surprised to see a selection of 6 or 7 books about the Raspberry Pi! Perhaps this shouldn't have surprised me, but it did. Just now, I went to the Barnes and Noble web site and searched for "Raspberry Pi" books, and 70 books were returned, all of them genuinely about...
on Apr 3, 2014
In a just-completed poll, the developer community indicated that, while the Internet of Things (IoT) is something most have heard about, people are still evaluating what its impact is likely to be in the coming years and decades. A total of 124 votes were cast in the poll. The exact question and results were: What's your view on the 'Internet of Things'? 35% (43 votes) - It's going...
on Nov 15, 2013
At the JavaOne 2013 Java Technical Keynote, there was a series of demos of software that enables two people to play chess, using some of Java's latest features, including Java EE 7 Websockets, many variations of Java 8 (recent weekly builds), Lambda Expressions, Java ME, Embedded Java, ... It was an impressive demo of many of Java's recently-released and not-yet-finally-released capabilities,...
on Sep 23, 2013
I've finally found time to start browsing the JavaOne 2013 Content Catalog, andand various summaries of interesting JavaOne sessions organized by topic (you can see several of these on the home page right now). Thanks to Terrence Barr's "JavaOne 2013: Deep into Embedded" post, I came across Controlling NAO Robot with Java [CON11839]. The session is presented by Dimitri Merejkowsky,...
on Sep 21, 2013
One of the most interesting things about JavaOne is the announcements. Some years, there isn't a single big announcement, while other years something of enduring significance is announced or released during JavaOne. While we won't know what surprise announcements or releases this year's conference will include, a look at the conference agenda, the keynotes, the tracks, and the sessions, can give...
on Aug 31, 2013
Jfokus Embedded 2013 was a pretty amazing mini-conference! It happened within the broader Jfokus 2013 Conference. During the afternoon coffee break on the last day of the conference, Andrzej Grzesik, an organizer of GeeCON, Polish Java User Group, Krakow Software Craftsmanship, and the Crakow Hadoop User Group, introduced us to AirCasting. So, what's AirCasting? It's an embedded app for...
on Mar 24, 2013
The results of the last-completed poll indicate that the attention being given to the Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication at recent conferences like JavaOne and Jfokus (both of which included an Embedded Java mini-conference) is much warranted. A total of 464 votes were cast in the poll. The exact question and results were: What's your view on the...
on Mar 3, 2013
The first regular conference session I attended at Jfokus 2013 was Christer Norstr
on Feb 23, 2013
Our current poll is related to one of the primary themes from the recent Jfokus 2013 conference. The conference included an Embedded mini-conference. I attended many of those sessions, and will be posting blogs about them in the coming weeks. Our poll asks: What's your view on the future of machine-to-machine (M2M) interaction, also known as the Internet of Things (IoT)? Voting will...
on Feb 16, 2013
My Wednesday at Jfokus 2013 started in the large auditorium where the conference intro and keynotes took place. It was the first time I'd returned there since Tuesday's conference introduction, and I was at first surprised that this very large venue was being used for general conference technical sessions (I'd expected that those would generally take place in smaller rooms). I sat very close to...
on Feb 8, 2013
Some time ago, I had the impression that everywhere I stepped in the endless Java universe, I came across rather outdated technology. Things that were hyped years back, but for some reason had been left behind by mankind in the course of time. Disenchantedly roaming that programming desert I almost went depressive looking at all the rusty wrecks of former featured APIs laying around all along....
on Jan 1, 2013
A simple question that immediately responds:
on Sep 28, 2012
Embedded Java is receiving significant new attention, with the first Java Embedded @ JavaOne conference taking place October 3-4, supported in part by members of's new Java Embedded Community. The Java Embedded @ JavaOne content catalog currently lists 23 sessions, ranging from keynote addresses by Hasan Rizvi ("Java Embedded: Product Strategy") and Judson Althoff ("Java Embedded:...
on Aug 17, 2012
Thursday March 1, 2012 Table of Contents 1 8:50am Democratization of Data Platforms, Jonathan Gosier (metaLayer Inc.) 2 9:05am 5 Big Questions about Big Data, Luke Lonergan (Greenplum, a division of EMC) 3 9:15am The Trouble with Taste, Coco Krumme (MIT Media Lab) 4 9:25am Embrace the Chaos, Pete Warden (Jetpac) 5 9:35am Open Data and the Internet of Things, Usman Haque ( 6...
on Mar 1, 2012

Java User Groups

Grails in Action, Second Edition MEAP Update + 44% off Save 44% on Grails in Action, Second Edition with Promotional code mlgsmith2jn at What
on Aug 20, 2013
OSCON Wednesday July 18, 2012 live streaming Table of Contents 1 9:05am The Learning Map : Danny Hillis (Applied Minds, LLC) 2 9:20am The Mudslide Hypothesis of Science : Kaitlin Thaney (Digital Science) 3 9:35am Scaling OpenStack Technology. Lessons From The Field : Brian Aker (HP) 4 9:50am The Clothesline Paradox and the Sharing Economy : Tim O'Reilly (O'Reilly Media, Inc.) 5 The Java EE...
on Jul 18, 2012
OSCON Tuesday July 17, 2012 live streaming Table of Contents 1 9:00am CSS: Go from Good to Great 2 1:30pm Build Social and Personal Data Apps using the Open Source Singly Platform 3 6:00pm Exhibit Hall 4 8:00pm Party at Puppet Labs 1 9:00am CSS: Go from Good to Great Estelle Weyl
on Jul 17, 2012
After reading the - JSR 358, i can see the prospect of Harmony become JavaSE. Yes, there is no reason to keep block the Harmony become JavaSE.. to keep the community under Java umbrella, we need to make it.. but i can see Java will move from product become standard.. the RI is ok.... but i love the new body.. :) will JSR 358 make this happen. I believe this is amazing challanging,...
on Jun 14, 2012

Java Desktop

Tuesday at Jfokus 2013 started in a large auditorium filled with more than 1500 Jfokus attendees, who heard Jfokus founder Mattias Karlsson launch the conference in an introduction that included an appearance by Stephen Chin, who had spent the previous night sailing the icy Baltic Ocean on the Vaadin Cruise from Finland. The conversation also introduced a new Java Champion, JRuby's Charles...
on Feb 5, 2013
Our JavaFX poll, which was temporarily closed (while the Duke's Choice Award poll was live), has resumed. The poll will remain open until this coming Friday, July 27. Specifically, the poll asks "How long will it take for JavaFX to become the most widely used development platform for Java client/desktop apps?" Thus far, more than 460 votes have been cast. If you didn't yet register your view,...
on Jul 23, 2012