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Java User Groups

Are you aged 26 or younger? What are you waiting to travel for free for Jazoon'09 and meet a lot of cool people?! Submit your technical talk before February, 28 at The top 3 rookies will be invited to go there and give a 20 minutes talk. Wow! All Java conferences should copy this awesome initiative, Jazoon definitely rocks! These young guys need your...
on Jan 7, 2009
December 2008 marks the 10th Birthday of the Java Community Process (JCP) Program. Java developers in Silicon Valley are invited to join the JCP Executive Committees and the Program Office in celebrating ten years of collaborative work from companies, academics, individual developers and not-for-profits from all over the world. The party will be at the Computer History Museum on January 13th in...
on Jan 5, 2009
Egyptian Java User Group is organizing a Free NetBeans platform training by Geertjan Wielenga. Check EGJUG page for more details.
on Dec 31, 2008
QCon San Francisco has invited bay area Java Developers to a Java Community Event on Thursday November 20th, 2008. This free event will be a one-hour long panel on the State of Java with well known Java luminaries and QCon SF speakers. Although free, an advance RSVP is required and space is limited. The registration page also lists who has already signed up to attend this event at the bottom of...
on Nov 14, 2008
For the third year running, the Silicon Valley Code Camp will be held at Foothill College in Los Altos, California. This is my second year organizing the Java Speaker Track at Code Camp with the help of Kevin Nilson. You can see the full session schedule for the weekend here. You will notice in the session topic tag cloud that Java is the number one session topic at camp this year with 36 out of...
on Oct 27, 2008
On Thursday I was at a conference hosted by Japan Java User Group (JJUG) and gave a keynote about software development productivity and Hudson. I think there were maybe 100-150 people. I wore a Hudson T-shirt, so that others can find me more easily: Here's Takai-san, a Grizzly committer: This is Imai-san, a Hudson committer. I was supposed to be able to meet with Sogabe-san, who...
on Oct 19, 2008
This is a koban near my house. It's a small police station, and normally there are one or two policemen inside. They do all sorts of things ranging from finding directions for you, taking care of losts and founds, or scolding a shoplifter (or so I hear.) The bicycle you see next to the koban is used to patrol the neighborhood. The small yellow box hanging from the window shows the number of...
on Oct 10, 2008
The night before I fly to Tokyo, I had a dream about an airplane crashing — I reject the existence of future-telling dreams, but I had to admit that I felt bit uneasy getting into the airplane. (Obviously, my flight to Tokyo was quite peaceful.) Visiting Tokyo is always an enjoyable experience. I know the place well, so I can get around, I have friends, and I know where and what I want to...
on Oct 8, 2008
Last Wednesday, September 10th, I was presenting at Just Java 2008 about Agile and Java with Giovani Salvador. The title? Java Meets Agile - A survival guide to adopt Agile inside Java teams. Check the presentation: Just Java2008 - Java Meets Agile View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: agile testing)
on Sep 13, 2008
Rod Johnson, CEO of SpringSource, gave a free talk to the Silicon Valley Web Developer JUG at the Googleplex in Mountain View on August 18, 2008. It was a standing room only event with more than 200 local Java developers in attendance. If you missed it, the entire talk was recorded by Google and the video is now available on YouTube. The slides are a bit blurry on the video, but, Rod was kind...
on Sep 10, 2008
SouJava, one of the biggest Java Users Group around the world is organizing the Just Java 2008 Conference. This event happens in São Paulo/Brazil, from September 10th to September 12th. I will be there on September 10th, presenting about Java, Agile, Testing, Team formation processes and things like that with my friend Giovani Salvador, also a blogger. You can check the summary of the...
on Sep 9, 2008
I'll be visiting Brazil from September 9th to 21st, as a part of the month of Java in Brazil. I've never been to Brazil before, so I'm really excited. I'll be visiting various places — Just Java 2008 in Sao Paulo (Sep 10-12), Joao Pessoa (14th), Fortaleza (Sep 16th), Belom (Sep 18th), and Florianopolis (20th) [more details]. I hope to talk about Hudson, GlassFish, web services and JAXB....
on Aug 28, 2008
Sentilla Labs, a recently launched community website, offers developers a step-by-step guided tour through the project development process, allowing visitors to download code and illustrations and rapidly bring projects to life. Some projects at Sentilla Labs can be created with fewer than 100 lines of code. In addition, developers can upload and display their own projects with confidence because...
on Aug 24, 2008
In addition to the JUG that we run, Kevin Nilson and I also run the Silicon Valley Google Technology User Group (SV-GTUG). Sometimes, we have joint meetings like this one where the topic intersects Java Development and Google Technology. Kevin Bourrillion gave this talk at a recent SV-GTUG meeting. The talk is available for viewing on YouTube in two parts: Part 1:
on Aug 15, 2008
From September 10th till September 30th, Brazil will host several Java Conferences in 14 different cities, giving the comunity hours of deep technical content with the best Brazilians names in the comunity and some international guests as well. If you're anywhere near, those are the places that you will find events and the dates. This is a calendar of events during the "Month of Java", including...
on Aug 5, 2008
R.I.P Usenet: 1980-2008 ?? Surely you jest, surely this is one of those "the rumors of my death are greatly exaggerated" moments? Ah, but, there is some kernels of truth to the story.. Namely, well, I haven't dipped into any Usenet groups in years but the need for Usenet has IMHO been bypassed by the Web. I believe though that we've lost something in that Usenet's discussion was shared widely...
on Jul 31, 2008
For the third year running, the Silicon Valley Code Camp will be held at Foothill College in Los Altos, California. This will be my second year organizing the Java Speaker Track at Code Camp with the help of Kevin Nilson. This year, I am also organizing a Lightning Talk session for each day of the conference. If you plan on attending, please register early so that we can get a good indication of...
on Jul 6, 2008
Sicilia JUG took my email interview a few days ago and published it on their website. Read it here. Thanks to Mario Cartia! Technorati: sicilia jug interview
on Jun 20, 2008
The Swiss Duke
on Jun 12, 2008
After seeing the latest updates on Project Wonderland during JavaOne combined with the great memories of hanging out recently at the Community Corner in the Pavilion, I keep thinking about a year round virtual Community Corner implemented using Project Wonderland software on Sun hardware. A place where Java User Group (JUG) Leaders, Sun Java Champions and others from the Java developer...
on Jun 11, 2008