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Java User Groups

Please join me at the 4th annual Silicon Valley Code Camp at Foothill College in Los Altos on October 3-4, 2009. It is shaping up to be even bigger and better than last year's event. Attendance is FREE, but space is limited. So, you do need to register in advance. Sessions will range from informal “chalk talks” to presentations. There will be a mix of presenters, some experienced folks, for...
on Aug 21, 2009
Everyone is start to getting exciting about upcoming FISL (the Free Software International Forum), which it's the 10th edition and promises alot of surprises. Last year we had 6.000 attendees and plenty of technical talks coming from several International speakers from all corners of the world. A few days before FISL, SOUJava (Brazil's largest User Group) and RSJUG is putting together another...
on Jul 7, 2009
I have not posted here lately, the excuse is the same as always, but this time for a good cause, I have worked intensively in the book and the development of Eclipse plugin X-Card Tools. I created a social network only for Java developers meeting around the source code for the following purposes: - Dissemination of scientific research - Learning Java Cardâ„¢ - Publicize events - Share...
on Jun 9, 2009
Bruno Souza got a whole bunch of us together to participate in creating this video (embedded below) - how Java Users Groups drive Java - from an unusual perspective :-)
on Jun 5, 2009
National JUG-USA Summit This is the first JavaOne for JUG-USA and we are holding our first ever national JUG-USA Summit on Tuesday night in conjunction with the Java Community Process (JCP) Party. JUG Leaders and/or JUG Liaisons are invited to gather at the Community Corner at 6:45pm on Tuesday evening. We will make our way as a group to the JCP party from there. Earlier this year, JUG-...
on Jun 1, 2009
At CommunityOne West, Kevin Nilson and I are leading a session on Tips and Tricks for Starting and Maintaining a Successful User Group. Of particular interest to the JUG Leadership Community, we will be discussing the synergy we are seeing between our Silicon Valley Web JUG and our much younger Silicon Valley Google Technology User Group. You will also learn about JUG-USA and in this...
on May 31, 2009
I did a couple of presentation on IEEE Open Source week at Cairo university, Faculty of Engineering. The power point presentation are attached, and if any one has a question send me hashim {at} EGJUG Session Open Source Software
on Apr 29, 2009
The opportunities afforded by affiliating together all the JUGs residing in the United States as part of an umbrella JUG-USA organization seem self-evident to me. In my efforts to bring JUGs around the country on board, I am learning that this is simply not the case. So, here are my thoughts on this matter. What JUG-USA Affiliation IS! There are three simple requirements a Java User Group (JUG)...
on Feb 19, 2009
The campus party last year, brought together a large number of Internet users, developers, bloggers, adding more than 4,000 subscribers. This year we more than 6,000 participants in one event. The campus party in 2009, each participant received a tent, to stay somewhere in the event. You can find several people in the country, this region of the South to the North. I am representing a Java user...
on Jan 24, 2009
the birth of a community Originally uploaded by brazilianjavaman This week I'm participating of Campus Party, an Internet and multimedia show-party-hack-a-ton-craziness that is happening for the second time in Brazil. Campus Party is a 24 hours, 7 days event, that merges software, internet, music, culture, talks, booths and of course, tents and very little sleep. The main focus of the...
on Jan 19, 2009
We are officially launching JUG-USA today. It is an umbrella Java User Group (JUG) which local JUGs from all over the United States can affiliate with. It is my hope that a true synergy will emerge from this undertaking. The original impetus for the formation of JUG-USA was to work towards establishing a single Federal non-profit that any affiliated JUG could take advantage of in order to take in...
on Jan 12, 2009
Are you aged 26 or younger? What are you waiting to travel for free for Jazoon'09 and meet a lot of cool people?! Submit your technical talk before February, 28 at The top 3 rookies will be invited to go there and give a 20 minutes talk. Wow! All Java conferences should copy this awesome initiative, Jazoon definitely rocks! These young guys need your...
on Jan 7, 2009
December 2008 marks the 10th Birthday of the Java Community Process (JCP) Program. Java developers in Silicon Valley are invited to join the JCP Executive Committees and the Program Office in celebrating ten years of collaborative work from companies, academics, individual developers and not-for-profits from all over the world. The party will be at the Computer History Museum on January 13th in...
on Jan 5, 2009
Egyptian Java User Group is organizing a Free NetBeans platform training by Geertjan Wielenga. Check EGJUG page for more details.
on Dec 31, 2008
QCon San Francisco has invited bay area Java Developers to a Java Community Event on Thursday November 20th, 2008. This free event will be a one-hour long panel on the State of Java with well known Java luminaries and QCon SF speakers. Although free, an advance RSVP is required and space is limited. The registration page also lists who has already signed up to attend this event at the bottom of...
on Nov 14, 2008
For the third year running, the Silicon Valley Code Camp will be held at Foothill College in Los Altos, California. This is my second year organizing the Java Speaker Track at Code Camp with the help of Kevin Nilson. You can see the full session schedule for the weekend here. You will notice in the session topic tag cloud that Java is the number one session topic at camp this year with 36 out of...
on Oct 27, 2008
On Thursday I was at a conference hosted by Japan Java User Group (JJUG) and gave a keynote about software development productivity and Hudson. I think there were maybe 100-150 people. I wore a Hudson T-shirt, so that others can find me more easily: Here's Takai-san, a Grizzly committer: This is Imai-san, a Hudson committer. I was supposed to be able to meet with Sogabe-san, who...
on Oct 19, 2008
This is a koban near my house. It's a small police station, and normally there are one or two policemen inside. They do all sorts of things ranging from finding directions for you, taking care of losts and founds, or scolding a shoplifter (or so I hear.) The bicycle you see next to the koban is used to patrol the neighborhood. The small yellow box hanging from the window shows the number of...
on Oct 10, 2008
The night before I fly to Tokyo, I had a dream about an airplane crashing — I reject the existence of future-telling dreams, but I had to admit that I felt bit uneasy getting into the airplane. (Obviously, my flight to Tokyo was quite peaceful.) Visiting Tokyo is always an enjoyable experience. I know the place well, so I can get around, I have friends, and I know where and what I want to...
on Oct 8, 2008
Last Wednesday, September 10th, I was presenting at Just Java 2008 about Agile and Java with Giovani Salvador. The title? Java Meets Agile - A survival guide to adopt Agile inside Java teams. Check the presentation: Just Java2008 - Java Meets Agile View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: agile testing)
on Sep 13, 2008