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Recently, I came across the following JBoss -> GlassFish migration issue involving taglib-location in web.xml. Here is how I dealt with it. In a web-application's web.xml, <jsp-config> element can be used to provide configuration information for JSP files. The following fragment works on JBoss 4.3 (or so it was indicated to me)    &lt;jsp-config>    ...
on Jan 21, 2009
Recently there has been some questions regarding order in which Java EE modules in a Java EE eneterprise applications. The order in which Java EE modules are loaded varies between Java EE application servers. So it is a migration issue issue. This is the first of my blogs on this topic. In this blog, I have highlighted some aspects of order of loading of Java EE modules packaged in a *single* ear...
on Jan 20, 2009
The EJB 3.1 specification says: An enterprise bean class with a component-defining annotation defines an enterprise bean component when packaged within the WEB-INF/classes directory or in a .jar file within WEB-INF/lib. In simple English it means, an EJB can be a POJO annotated with EJB annotations (such as @javax.ejb.Stateless) and bundled within WEB-INF/classes inside a WAR. This feature is...
on Jan 19, 2009
GlassFish Plugins team released ver 1.0.16 of Eclipse plugin for GlassFish. The team has maintained pretty good cadence in terms of adding features and fixing bugs in the plugin (16 releases in approx as many months). However this particular version has an exciting feature. It allows GlassFish v3 Prelude to be installed from within the IDE itself. If you have not installed GlassFish plugin...
on Jan 17, 2009
Sun Tech Days is traveling to Singapore next week and I'll be there! You'll find me at the pavilion hall, sessions, hallway, lunch, reception, University Day, and else where. Stop by and say hello! Let us know how you are using GlassFish and how can we make it better for you. Click on the map below to get the exact direction to Raffles City Convention Centre. Here are some important...
on Jan 16, 2009
Marcelo Souza (a GlassFish team member) spotted GlassFish on Salvador, Bahia beach in Brazil during his personal vacation :) Thanks to Marcelo for taking this picture :) Here are couple of shots of the beach itself: Drop a comment on this blog if you would like to share any pictures of GlassFish :) Technorati: glassfish brazil salvadaor
on Jan 16, 2009
Here is yet another (slightly dated) contribution by Vasudha Amrit on GlassFish, Campus Ambassador from Manipal Institue of Technology, India. She arranged a GlassFish talk in her campus and one of the GlassFish team member delivered the talk (while on a personal visit :)! The blog report provide details. The event was a huge success with 482 attendees. Here is an excerpt from the blog: we had...
on Jan 15, 2009
This blog highlights couple of contributions by Campus Ambassadors (CA) from University of Essex and Frankfurt towards GlassFish. Jenya Kovalchuk (Campus Ambassador in the University of Essex, UK) gave a talk on GlassFish. The pre- and post-conditions of talk are really compelling: Pre-condition: No one out of 25 present ever heard about GlassFish Post-condition: Everyone is...
on Jan 13, 2009
Here is a blog entry that was sitting in my Drafts folder for a long time (just because I didn't realize :). Anyway, it shows how to install Open Solaris 2008/11 on Virtual Box. The original install was done using Virtual Box 2.0.6. I installed Virtual Box 2.1 this morning and the image was easily recognized by the updated Virtual Box. Here are the basic steps. Create a new VM ... As part...
on Jan 13, 2009
TOTD #61 and TOTD #62 shows how to use JMX APIs to locally/remotely manage/monitor your Rails/Merb applications. This Tip Of The Day extends TOTD #62 and shows how remote management can be done using jmx4r gem. This gem provides a clean mapping between JMX APIs and Ruby. It allows to write pure Ruby code to manage/monitor any Rails application. As a result it removes all dependency on the Java...
on Jan 13, 2009
This blog has moved here var gaJsHost = (("https:" == document.location.protocol) ? "https://ssl." : "http://www."); document.write(unescape("%3Cscript src='" + gaJsHost + "' type='text/javascript'%3E%3C/script%3E")); var pageTracker = _gat._getTracker("UA-3111670-3"); pageTracker._initData(); pageTracker._trackPageview();
on Jan 8, 2009
TOTD #61 showed how to manage/monitor a Rails/Merb application running using JRuby/GlassFish using standard Java tools. Both the application and the management tools are running on the same machine. But that's never the case in a production environment. Instead remote management of an application is required when running in production mode. Fortunately, similar set of tools can be used for...
on Jan 8, 2009
My colleague Nithya has written about an interesting recent feature addition to GlassFish V3 where you can dynamically add a new Custom Realm (built as an OSGI module) to a running glassfish server (No Restart Required !!). If you are using latest GlassFish V3 builds : Latest V3 Promoted Builds please take a look at : Custom Realms as OSGI Modules There is also a post where she has described the...
on Jan 8, 2009
GlassFish Gem can easily run both Rails and Merb application. Using JRuby, as opposed to MRI, allows you to use standard Java monitoring framework and tools. Java Management Extensions (JMX) is a standard management and monitoring solution for Java platform. This Tip Of The Day shows how to apply JMX techniques to monitor Rails/Merb applications. The blog uses a trivial Rails/Merb...
on Jan 7, 2009
Let me explain this issue, step by step. What is Record-Route? A SIP proxy is a SIP application/server that proxies the SIP messages to another SIP client or Server. If such a proxy want to receive subsequent requests, it is supposed to add a Record-Route header to the SIP Message. Record-Route header contains the SIP URI representing the proxy. Eg:Record-Route: &lt;sip:server10....
on Dec 18, 2008
GlassFish comes bundled with an industry grade implementation of Java Server Faces codenamed Mojarra. It is the most complete, up-to-date and well-tested JSF implementation and used pretty extensively. GlassFish v2 and v3 Prelude ships with JSF 1.2.x-compliant implementation that is defined as part of Java EE 5. GlassFish v3 trunk contains JSF 2.0-compliant implementation that is getting defined...
on Dec 11, 2008
I will be presenting 3.0 in a webinar on December 18th. For details and logistics about the webinar go to If you would like to learn about the new features in servlet 3.0 I would definitely encourage you to attend the webinar.
on Dec 10, 2008
Not @ Devoxx? Live updates on Grizzly, Atmosphere and GlassFish by following us using Twitter. I'm turning myself to a marketing person :-) _uacct = "UA-3111670-1"; urchinTracker(); technorati: grizzly devoxx comet Atmosphere
on Dec 9, 2008
Today Sun announces the availability of Java FX 1.0. JavaFX 1.0 is a rich client platform for creating and delivering Rich Internet Applications across all screens (desktop, browser, and mobile) of your life. It consists of the following key components: JavaFX SDK includes JavaFX script compiler and runtime tools, and a host of libraries to create RIAs for desktop, browser...
on Dec 4, 2008
When using NIO a receiving TCP/IP End-Point often must transform bytes into a meaningful application logic Message. Grizzly provides the ProtocolParser abstraction to simplify the necessary parsing logic. Now in Grizzly 1.9.0 ParserProtocolFilter supports SSL. Just create an SSLConfig configuration by providing trust- and keystore files and hand it to ParserProtocolFilter.setSSLConfig(SSLConfig...
on Dec 4, 2008