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EclipseLink JPA replaces TopLink Essentials as the JPA implementation in GlassFish v3. One of the benefits of using EclipseLink is that it provides efficient pagination support for the MySQL database by generating native SQL statements such as "SELECT ... FROM <table> LIMIT <offset>, <rowcount>". The MySQL LIMIT clause definition says: The LIMIT clause can be used to...
on Apr 8, 2009
Found great (old) blogs (part 1, part 2) by Masoud Kalali that discusses the different ways to secure a GlassFish installation. Changing master password and admin console passwords (both web-based and CLI) are two fairly trivial operations: /tmp/glassfish >./bin/asadmin change-master-password Please enter the new master password>changeit2 Please enter the new master password again>...
on Apr 7, 2009
Are you living in the San Francisco Bay Area and like to hear all the craze around GlassFish ? Jan Luehe (from the GlassFish Webtier team) and Roberto Chinnici (Java EE 6 specification lead) will be speaking on May 12th at the San Francisco JUG meetup. So get ready to drink from the firehose :) There will be pizza, refreshments, book giveaways and other interesting goodies! Click on the map...
on Apr 7, 2009
Seam is a full-stack solution to assemble complex web applications using simple annotated classes, a rich set of UI components, and very little XML. It integrates Ajax and Business Process Modeling with several Java EE technologies such as Java Server Faces (JSF), Java Persistence API (JPA), and Enterprise Java Beans (EJB 3.0). GlassFish is a Java EE compliant application server so...
on Apr 3, 2009
I presented at Silicon Valley Rails Meetup yesterday. The official attendance says 79 and the kitchen area (for the presentation) was indeed packed! The demo gods were hovering very much around and required me to reboot the machine - live during the presentation. Have you ever rebooted Mac because of a slow performance, smack in the middle of a demo ? ;-) Here is a quote from the meetup: The...
on Apr 2, 2009
This blog has moved here var gaJsHost = (("https:" == document.location.protocol) ? "https://ssl." : "http://www."); document.write(unescape("%3Cscript src='" + gaJsHost + "' type='text/javascript'%3E%3C/script%3E")); var pageTracker = _gat._getTracker("UA-3111670-3"); pageTracker._initData(); pageTracker._trackPageview();
on Apr 1, 2009
Agnieszka and Julien, the Sun Campus Ambassadors at INSA Lyon presented on GlassFish. Read the complete report here and enjoy a picture: Here is another report on Hibernate/NetBeans/GlassFish presentation - again at INSA Lyon. Dwarkanath, the Campus Ambassador at Sastra, presented on GlassFish as part of Student Technology Camp. Read the complete report here and enjoy a picture: If you...
on Apr 1, 2009
I presented a webinar for ISV and OEMs on "Developing GlassFish- and MySQL-Backed Applications with NetBeans and JRuby-on-Rails" last week. The slides and a complete recording of the webinar are now available here. Technorati: webinar glassfish mysql netbeans jruby rubyonrails
on Mar 31, 2009
Want to know how NetBeans and GlassFish provide a better Rails experience ? I'll be speaking at Silicon Valley Rails Meetup on Mar 31st (tomorrow), 7pm, more details here. It will also be a brief preview of my upcoming Rails Conf talk. Click on the map below for location: This is "LinkedIn Headquarters" and we'll see you at 2nd Floor Kitchen and Open Area. See you there!...
on Mar 30, 2009
I had an opportunity to be interviewed by Ian Skerrett at EclipseCon 2009, see the recording below (originally published): And here is a snapshot: And then you can always read about Day 3 and Day 2 summary of Eclipse Con. Check out the GlassFish Tools Bundle for Eclipse or screencast #28 if you already have an Eclipse installation. Also read about GlassFish/Eclipse bundle at InfoQ....
on Mar 27, 2009
Attended the keynote session Building Applications for the Cloud with Amazon at EclipseCon 2009, Day 3 (day 2 here). Here are some brag points about Amazon Web Services gathered from the session: 88 million customers, operated in 7 countries, data centers all around the world, core competency externalized for customers, pay-as-you-go model. AWS Elastic Compute Cloud has 2 components: Compute...
on Mar 25, 2009
Here are some pictures I took at EclipseCon Day 2: Meet us at the Sun booths in EclipseCon and learn all the goodness about GlassFish, GlassFish Tools Bundle for Eclipse, Open Solaris, and Java FX! And we got nice schwag too ;) And the evolving photo album below: Technorati: conf sun glassfish opensolaris javafx eclipse eclipsecon
on Mar 25, 2009
Meet us at the Sun booths in EclipseCon and learn all the goodness about GlassFish, GlassFish Tools Bundle for Eclipse, Open Solaris, and Java FX! Technorati: conf sun glassfish opensolaris javafx eclipse eclipsecon
on Mar 24, 2009
EclipseCon started earlier today and we are announcing the availbility of GlassFish Tools Bundle for Eclipse. Eclipse and GlassFish in one single download bundle, available here. Here are simple steps to get you started ... Download the binary for Mac OSX, Windows, and Linux (Open Solaris coming) and install ... Start up the GlassFish Tools Bundle for Eclipse...
on Mar 24, 2009
Here are some quotes from a recent article talking about Oracle's maintenance and support fees: Before Oracle acquired BEA earlier this year, the company charged 18% to 20% for support and maintenance. Oracle increased those fees to meet its own structure and also raised list prices on most BEA products. That didn't sit well. and One Java-centric VAR, who spoke on the condition of anonymity...
on Mar 24, 2009
This is a re-run of an earlier webinar. Would you like to know how JRuby,NetBeans, GlassFish, and MySQL can power your Rails applications ? This informative technical webinar explains the fundamentals of JRuby and how the NetBeans IDE makes developing/debugging/deploying Rails applications on GlassFish quick, fun and cost-effective. The webinar starts 10am PT on Mar 31st, 2009 and can be...
on Mar 24, 2009
Migration Issue: WebLogic application server supports sharing of utility classes in an ear file. The shared utility classes can be packaged in one of two directories : APP-INF/lib : shared jar files can be placed here. APP-INF/classes : individual classes can be placed here. The problem is that APP-INF is proprietary to WebLogic and non portable. Migration Path to...
on Mar 23, 2009
Peter and I presented on GlassFish at University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee last week. The slides were already made available to the attendees. And since the workshop offered for a charge, the slides will not be shared here :) Let us know if you'd like to conduct a similar workshop in your location. The workshop ran from 8:30am until 4:00pm. Peter did a wonderful job of demonstrating GlassFish...
on Mar 23, 2009
For a change, this blog entry is talking about something that exists for a while now :) Basically, I wanted to setup a demo environment for Grails and GlassFish v3 Prelude on my machine and so decided to dcument the steps along the process. More detailed steps with explanation are available on GlassFish/Grails Getting Started Wiki. Download and unzip GlassFish v3 Prelude. Run GlassFish...
on Mar 19, 2009
If you are behind a proxy maybe you will want to set the proxy in Glassfish. There are few different ways to do that. #1 - You could use the admin web page. You can add the proxy settings : host and port with the admin. Into the admin web page, go to the Application Server at your left. After that on your right select : JVM Settings / JVM Options. Just add theses settings : http.proxyHost=...
on Mar 17, 2009