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Learn what Bhakti Mehta will be doing at JavaOne 2009. Her session details are available here. All previous entries are tagged javaone+vidblog. Technorati: conf javaone vidblog sanfrancisco glassfish portfolio
on May 25, 2009
Learn what Kohsuke Kawaguchi, aka "Mr Hudson", will be doing at JavaOne 2009. Hear a fun and stress-buster tip from Kohsuke! His session details are available here. All previous entries are tagged javaone+vidblog. Technorati: conf javaone vidblog sanfrancisco glassfish portfolio
on May 25, 2009
Small entry for those who aren't following us on Project Grizzly 2.0.0-M2 is now officially available. The official announcement was posted here or here. Thanks to all the feedback we have got since 2.0.0-M1 release, and don't stop! _uacct = "UA-3111670-1"; urchinTracker(); technorati: grizzly nio framework embedded
on May 25, 2009
Learn what Jim Driscoll, an 11-year JavaOne veteran, will be doing at JavaOne 2009. And hear one of the most important tip from Jim about JavaOne. It is certainly re-enforced multiple times during the general session keynotes :) All previous entries are tagged javaone+vidblog. Technorati: conf javaone vidblog sanfrancisco glassfish portfolio
on May 22, 2009
Bonjour Comment Java? Finally the GlassFish Tools bundle for Eclipse has been released: version 1.0 is available at The Tools bundle contains: Eclipse 3.4.2 IDE with WTP Java EE support GlassFish v2.1 pre-registered and configured GlassFish v3 Prelude pre-registered and configured JavaDB sample database pre-registered and configured GlassFish...
on May 22, 2009
Learn what Jitendra Kotamraju will be doing at JavaOne 2009. Jitu's session is listed here. All previous entries are tagged javaone+vidblog. Technorati: conf javaone vidblog sanfrancisco glassfish portfolio
on May 22, 2009
The GlassFish Tools Bundle for Eclipse 1.0 is now available. An earlier blog entry explains how to get started using this bundle. If you used an earlier version (0.99.x) of this bundle, then an upgrade is not supported. However backwards compatibility will be maintained going forward! Here are some pointers to get you started: Contents: Eclipse 3.4.2 with Java EE support, GlassFish v2.1 +...
on May 22, 2009
This blog has moved here var gaJsHost = (("https:" == document.location.protocol) ? "https://ssl." : "http://www."); document.write(unescape("%3Cscript src='" + gaJsHost + "' type='text/javascript'%3E%3C/script%3E")); var pageTracker = _gat._getTracker("UA-3111670-3"); pageTracker._initData(); pageTracker._trackPageview();
on May 21, 2009
This blog marks the beginning of a new series highlighting JavaOne speakers from the GlassFish Portfolio team. In this first episode, learn what Roberto Chinnici will be doing at JavaOne 2009.  Listen all the way to the end for a tip from a JavaOne veteran. The complete list of sessions where Roberto will be speaking is available here. And for the curious minds, "JVB" stands for "...
on May 20, 2009
EJB 3.1 (JSR 318) and Servlet 3.0 (JSR 315) are the two new JSRs in Java EE 6 (JSR 316). The EJB 3.1 specification provides multiple new features such as WAR packaging, Optional Local Business Interfaces, EJB.lite, Portable Global JNDI Names, Singleton Session Beans (Container-managed and Bean-managed concurrency), Application Initialization and Shutdown events, Timer Service enhancements,...
on May 19, 2009
So, you're on the cutting edge, writing JSF 2.0 applications, but you just get tired of jkl; editing in vi... You can still do JSF 2.0 applications using your IDE, but the price is that you won't have some of the on the fly error checking (especially in your Facelets page). First, a little about the status of various support efforts - unfortunately, tools support will lag for JSF 2.0, just as...
on May 18, 2009
Published three new JRuby/GlassFish production deployment stories in as many days: Who ? Recipe Why GlassFish ? JRuby + Rails + GlassFish v2 + MySQL + Apache Web Server + memcached The GlassFish processes have been among the most stable of our deployment. and (The) GlassFish team has been extremely helpful along the way with tuning and diagnosing performance issues...
on May 15, 2009
Here is the list of Technical Sessions, Birds-of-Feather sessions, and Hands-on Labs delivered by the GlassFish Portfolio team at JavaOne 2009. GlassFish Unconference (Sun, May 31) Thirst Bear Party (Sun, May 31) Community One (Mon, Jun 1-2) S304781 Sailfin: Open Possibilities in Communications Prasad Subramanian S303988 FishCAT, or How the Community Helps Improve Software...
on May 14, 2009
As mentioned earlier, Jan and I talked about GlassFish and Servlet 3.0 at the San Francisco JUG yesterday night. Approximately 40 attendees and a great Q&A session at the end made it a truly enjoying experience. The GlassFish slides are available here and Servlet 3.0 slides are available here. And did you register for JavaOne ? The GlassFish team will be there in full force and you'll be...
on May 13, 2009
Here is the list of whitepapers and webcasts that have been published so far Webcasts GlassFish Management and Monitoring Dynamic Languages on GlassFish Guide to Migrating to GlassFish Overview of GlassFish High Availability Whitepapers Optimize GlassFish in a production environment Building a High Performance Open Web Platform Leveraging Identity with GlassFish and MySQL Carrier Grade...
on May 13, 2009
Attended a great talk by Michael Bleigh on Twitter on Rails. He has built a gem, TwitterAuth, that uses Twitter as authentication provider (OAuth or HTTP Basic) which allows to to quickly and easily create Twitter applications in Rails. In Michael's words "TwitterAuth makes Twitter Rails apps stupid simple". The talk built Twistener - a Twitter application in Rails that shows how many...
on May 6, 2009
An informal survey this morning at Rails Conf 2009 keynote showed: 40% Rails developers in startup 30% Rails developers in consulting 30% Rails developers work in internal projects Engine Yard got a sponsor keynote slot and announced Flex - a cloud computing platform on EC2 to host Rails applications. They also showed one-button self-healing clusters. One of the speakers was particularly...
on May 6, 2009
This is a follow up post from David's keynote. Attended Women in Rails panel discussion. The panel, Sarah Mei, Lori Olson, and Desi McAdam (from L to R), had a very interesting discussion around the genuine problems and possible solutions of involving more women in Rails community. Sarah is trying to involve more women in the San Francisco Ruby meetup. She plans to invite non-...
on May 6, 2009
At Rails Conf 2009, Jay McGaffigan from Sea Change talked about why they choose JRuby/GlassFish for their product Affinity. Here are some of the reasons he quoted: Performance characterisitics (of GlassFish) have been excellent Picked GlassFish based upon the recommendations from the people in industry Dramatically more throughput on our GlassFish installation, 400 requests/sec instead of 100...
on May 5, 2009
Rails Conf Day 2 start with DHH's keynote. The room was packed (close to 1200 attendees) and SRO. It was interesting to know that 70% of the attendees are first timers and only a handful have attended for all 4 years in a row. This is my second in the US. Here are the notes from DHH's keynotes: Stop fretting about whether you are upto date with the latest in Rails. Don't need to re-write your...
on May 5, 2009