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Last saturday, 11th july 2015, I was at Ecole Supérieure d'Informatique de Bobo Dioulasso for a training session on how to build a professional Java application with NetBeans IDE. During five hours I did an overview of the editor and developed with attendees a small Java web application mixing PrimeFaces, JPA and Mysql as database. The experience was a success since the students where very...
on Jul 16, 2015
I had the pleasure to review JavaServer Faces: Introduction by Example by Josh Juneau which has been published by Apress in December 2014. The highlight of the book was the simplicity with which Josh has covered some of the most complicated topics related to JavaServer Faces (JSF). I like how smoothly and seamlessly he can transition from the simple recipes to the more involved and detailed...
on Jan 6, 2015

Java Enterprise

You might have heard some folks in the JavaEE community scream "Glassfish is dead!" As I work on 2 technologies that are going to end up in JavaEE 8 I can say that for me that is certainly not the case. Certainly we do not do a lot of "official" releases of the RI implementation of JavaEE, but does that mean it is dead? Not in the slightest! For Mojarra and Ozark we run integration builds using...
on May 12, 2015
When writing an article about HtmlUnit and Maven integration testing I never expected that article to become as popular as it has. Most of my blog entries have a modest number of reads, but apparently HtmlUnit integration testing is popular enough to warrant 11,109 reads as of today. For a technical blog I consider that a good number ;) For the original blog entry, see
on May 11, 2015
Software is an interesting thing. We currently live in a very fast paced society where changes seem to come and go. However that is really only true for consumer electronics. Most systems that consumers are hardly aware of run stacks that are a couple to several years old and for those it is not economical to change at the rate consumer electronics does. Mojarra is a piece in such a stack. As...
on Apr 30, 2015
The JavaEE 8 process is underway and JSF 2.3 is making progress. We have just released our 2nd milestone. See for the release notes Download it from Enjoy!
on Apr 9, 2015
Now that both JSRs are in full swing I am going to offer you all a bit of a different perspective between the 2 technologies. As I have stated before I view them both complementary to each other! I want to talk a bit about the actual work of doing the JSRs themselves. As part of the JSR we deliver a reference implementation, but in reality does the work stop there? No, it surely does not. For...
on Mar 13, 2015
The MVC JSR is progressing nicely and we have started publishing SNAPSHOT builds. If you want to try them out grab the API JAR from and the Implementation JAR from For some samples see the test directory of the Git repo at it://
on Feb 18, 2015
Just like the previous blog entry "JSF 2.3 Using a CDI managed Converter" you can now do the same thing with Validators. So how does that look in code?   @FacesValidator(value = "myValidator", managed = true)  public class MyValidator implements Validator {     @Inject     MyModel model;    ..  } Note in this example...
on Jan 16, 2015
Although a converter is considered an attached object (part of the view state) commonly people ask support for CDI injection into a converter. Since we did not want to upset the original contract of what a converter is we had to look at how we can best support the requested use case. We already had an annotation (@FacesConverter) that was being used to define a converter programmatically. To...
on Jan 15, 2015
Happy New Year to all! Enjoy!
on Jan 1, 2015
As we are working towards our first JSF 2.3 milestone release I want to tell everyone once it is out please start testing. With your help we are able to catch so much more before we ship. This is why we are going to be doing milestone releases. So once the first one is out try it out! I hope you all will make testing your JSF application with JSF 2.3 a New Years resolution! Enjoy!
on Dec 24, 2014
Today I participated in a phone call on Adopt-a-JSR for the MVC 1.0 specification. While we do not have a whole lot of things that can be worked upon by a JUG at the moment I do want to point out that once we start publishing SNAPSHOT releases and milestones we will be looking forward to your contributions! I will tweet and blog about that day and hopefully it will be soon, but as I also...
on Dec 19, 2014
The @Resources annotation makes it possible to define resources that you are going to lookup at runtime. The example describes a way to lookup a datasource that is mentioned in the @Resources annotation on the class.   @Resources(value={    @Resource(name="ShoppingCartDB", type=javax.sql.DataSource),    @Resource(name="ShoppingCartMail", type...
on Dec 18, 2014
With the @Resource annotation you define the resource you want to inject. Note this annotation is an older style annotation. Going forward the recommendation is to use the CDI @Inject annotation. In code   @Resource  UserTransaction utx; Enjoy!
on Dec 15, 2014
With the @PreDestroy annotation you annotate a single method in your class that you want to be called just before your object (EJB, JSF managed bean, CDI bean) is taken out of service. In code   @PreDestroy  public void destroy() {    // put your destroy code here.  } Enjoy!
on Dec 13, 2014
The @PostConstruct annotation makes it possible to run initialization code just before something (EJB, JSF managed bean, CDI bean) is put into service. In code   @PostConstruct  public void init() {    // put your initialization code here.  } Note the the method annotated with @PostConstruct runs only once! So if you are exposing a session bean that gets...
on Dec 12, 2014
And it is tutorial time! Where are the JavaEE tutorials for each of the JavaEE versions? JavaEE 5 tutorial JavaEE 6 tutorial JavaEE 7 tutorial Enjoy!
on Nov 6, 2014
If you want to find a specific version of the JavaEE API documentation the following links connect you to them: JavaEE 5 API documentation JavaEE 6 API documentation JavaEE 7 API documentation Enjoy!
on Nov 5, 2014
Another CDI alignment issue done In code @ViewMap@InjectMap viewMap; In words you can now inject the view map for use in your CDI managed bean. Enjoy!
on Oct 31, 2014