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Brett McLaughlin

Brett McLaughlin has been working in computers since the Logo days (remember the little triangle?). He currently specializes in building application infrastructure using Java and Java-related technologies. He has spent the last several years implementing these infrastructures at Nextel Communications and Allegiance Telecom Inc. Brett is one of the co-founders of the Java Apache project Turbine, which builds a reusable component architecture for Web application development using Java servlets. He is also a contributor of the EJBoss project, an open source EJB application server, and Cocoon, an open source XML Web-publishing engine.


bmclaugh's blog

Tiger's Out -- Will It Matter?

Posted by bmclaugh on October 1, 2004 at 9:46 PM PDT

Surfing over to the weblogs site, it seems that every weblog I read is about Tiger (Java 5). That's no surprise, by any means, as this release is officially a "big deal" (TM).

Open Source - A Divider?

Posted by bmclaugh on September 26, 2004 at 11:46 AM PDT

So the other day, I posted about Java not seeming to be so cool anymore. And I obviously know cool -- I had enough sense to actually grab a mandolin when it came time to have my O'Reilly website picture taken (for the humor-impaired, that was a joke. Gotta' get out from behind the computer once in a while, people!).

Ho Hum Java

Posted by bmclaugh on September 23, 2004 at 7:05 AM PDT

I was into Java before it even hit 1.0. Back then, it was a clumsy language, but cool in all sorts of ways that C++ and assembler weren't. Writing a networked game took a few hours, rather than three weeks of all-night coding. And even though it was slow (man, it was slow), it was new, and cool, and sexy...

Is anyone actually using XML Encryption and XML Signature?

Posted by bmclaugh on October 17, 2003 at 1:19 PM PDT

I do a lot of freelance writing and editing, particularly of Java- and XML-related content. Recently, I was tech. editing a piece, over several articles, on XML Signatures and XML Encryption. The article was pretty well-written, technically accurate... and utterly boring.

Switched... then switched back... and then switched again

Posted by bmclaugh on October 15, 2003 at 10:00 AM PDT

OK, I admit it. I'm a bit of a trend-happy person, at least in the computer world. When all the buzz around Mac OS X took off last year, I got pretty excited and jumped in full-steam. It helped that I was editing the first Java and Mac OS X title for O'Reilly (Mac OS X for Java Geeks), and so I took off for bluer... er... grayer...