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Mark Basler

Mark Basler is currently part of the Sun's Java BluePrints team and helped create the Java BluePrints Solution Catalog, Java Pet Store 2.0 reference application and many Java BluePrints articles. His other contributions include the design and development of key components for Sun's Java System Application Server, Glassfish open source project, Sun's Download Center and eCommerce suites. Before joining Sun, Mark was a consultant for enterprise production systems, specializing in high-volume eCommerce software.


basler's blog

Redesigning the BluePrints Solutions Catalog Viewer Application to use a fully declarative model ....

Posted by basler on February 23, 2007 at 12:07 PM PST

The BluePrints Solutions Catalog Viewer application pulls
articles and their samples, that comprise the particular version of
the catalog, together for easy viewing by the end
user.  The original viewer was an application created by Mark
Roth, whose
structure and content was mostly
determined by an XML file.  As the original viewer's requirements
evolved, some pages used the fra