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Blog Archive for wwake during February 2006

Somebody at MIT was nice enough to make available the videos for lectures on Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs, by Abelson and Sussman. It's a refresher in just how powerful Lisp is. For a language approaching 50 years old, it's pretty amazing. I always crack up a little when I think about the reasons Lisp and Smalltalk couldn't go "mainstream" - why, they use too many...
I saw a note in the paper that Western Union has sent their last telegram, shutting down a 150-year-old business. Wish I'd known it was coming, I'd have sent "What hath God wrought?" to several people. (I know they just added "@" to Morse code a couple years ago... figured it would be around forever.) The book The Victorian Internet provides an interesting and readable history of the telegraph.