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Blog Archive for tball during May 2007

"Are we sufficiently awed by our own technology?" Mark Morford, one of my favorite local (San Francisco) columnists, wrote an essay titled Talkin' To The Steering Wheel which seems like a pertinent closer to JavaOne. Sometimes we nerds need to step back and see how the technologies we have created and deployed world-wide over the years as the miracles they are (well, a few of them, anyway!).
Today I gave a talk at JavaOne titled "Advanced Java Refactoring: Pushing the Envelope" to a packed room, and just pushed a PDF of the slides to the Jackpot project site. Unfortunately I mismanaged the talk's time, spending too long on the demo and had to blast through the last (and, IMHO, the most interesting) slides. My apologies to those in the audience for not doing a better job by them....