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Blog Archive for pbrittan during October 2003

I just published an article on CNet titled The new IT confusion which attempt to disentangle grid and utility computing concepts in less than 700 words.
What do we mean by open standards anyhow? My last entry evoked a certain amount of name-calling in the arena of open standards. Today I'd like to explore just what "Open Standards" might mean. This will seem very simplistic to many of you, but I hope it
Can 'standards' and 'standardization' be two unrelated concepts? There was an article in yesterday
Rapid application development tools let you put together a great-looking mock-up of your app in no time, but often are of little use for the production version of your system. Visual GUI builders and data-aware controls are two such culprits. In yesterday
I recently wrote a paper for The SAP Developer Network on user interface technology in the enterprise. I'd like to pull out one small section of that paper for further discussion here: There are three main factors that affect the ROI of any UI technology: ease of use of the application, ease of deployment and on-going maintenance, and ease of initial development. Based on the total cost...
Is Microsoft ready to move onto the 'extinguish' phase with the Web browser? Microsoft is renowned for its "embrace, extend, extingish" strategy which involves enthusiastically embracing and championing a new standard, as a way to become the market leader in that standard, then extending that standard with proprietary technology that lets Microsoft lock in customers and lock out the...